West Playoffs: 10W Sacred City Whomps 7W Arizona, 242-126


RICHMOND, CA — Friday’s second bout at Bay of Reckoning, the WFTDA Western Region Playoffs,  featured a #7 vs. #10 matchup: the Arizona Roller Derby’s Tent City Terrors against the Sacred City Sacrificers of Sacramento. The crowd seemed particularly eager to see whether Arizona would live up to its #7 ranking given its recent loss of personnel, with several fans waving “Play Where You Live” signs. While the teams played fairly evenly early on,  a Sacrificers 30-point powerjam by 4Closer at the middle of the first half allowed Sacred City to pull away, with 4Closer’s 111-point bout total foreclosing any opportunity for a Tent City triumph. The game ended as a significant blowout at Sacred City 242, Arizona 126.  ??

The Sacrificers struck first, as Daddy’s Girl got lead jammer and scored 5 in passing Cybil War. Arizona didn’t stay off the scoreboard for long, as Loco Lena was able to score 10 in the second jam. That was Arizona’s only lead of the bout. Sacred City took the next three, with Jamn Jewlz, 4Closer, and Colt 45 all making it onto the scoreboard for the first time. AZ’s Loco Lena would score twice, joined by Kiki UrHaz and Luz Chaos, but the Sacrificers maintained a small lead with Jamn Jewlz and 4Closer scoring to keep pace.

Then 4Closer put the Sacrificers in the driver’s seat with her 30-point powerjam, with AZ’s Loco Lena sidelined in the box, to take a 66-25 lead. Jamn Jewlz followed up with 10, and although both teams then scored 4, Sacred City’s Colt 45 gunned through the line to score 9, matched by Jamn Jewlz two jams later. Arizona was suddenly down very big at 104-29.

Just when it looked like the game was about to get hopelessly out of hand, Arizona bounced back with a Kiki UrHaz power jam, who scored 14 to make it 104-43. At the end of the first half, Arizona looked poised to make a comeback, scoring in the last four jams, including a 20-point jam by Loco Lena, to end the half down by a much more reasonable 113-72.

But just as in the first half, 4Closer would quickly foreclose any hopes that Arizona would seriously threaten in the second half. Arizona jammer Cybil War joined three Arizona blockers in the box during the very first jam, allowing 4Closer to score 20 in the half’s first jam. Two jams later, Colt 45 would add another 20 the hard way, with her team’s phenomenal defense keeping Loco Lena confined in the pack for nearly the entire two minutes.

In the sixth jam, Jamn Jewlz jumped out in front of the pack to score 10, while Sacred City’s great recycling kept Wetback Attack behind the blocker borderline. Jewlz would score again four jams later to increase the Sacred City lead to the century mark, 187-87, in a jam where Arizona’s Ginger “Reeking” Havoc cut track to foul out with penalties.

Halfway through the second half, 4Closer was her usual scoring self, taking advantage of a power jam to move Sacred City’s total over 200 at 202-87.

After a couple of scoreless jams, Luz Chaos terrorized the track to add 15 to Jamn Jewlz’ 5, but 4Closer couldn’t let Arizona creep closer, and responded with 20 points that completely erased the attempt at a comeback. From there, it was only a matter time, and Sacred cruised to one of the largest-margin seeding upsets of WFTDA postseason history with a 116 point victory.

Sacred City faces 2 seed Denver at 6pm in the quarterfinals; Arizona will play Rocky Mountain at 10am Saturday.

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