West Consolation: 6W Rat City Shuts Down 8W Sacred City, 243-115


RICHMOND, CA — In a consolation bout at Saturday’s WFTDA West Region Playoffs, 6 seed Rat City slowly wore down 10 seed Sacred, who played with a lot of heart — and a lot of support from the crowd — but were unable to match the Seattle’s team’s talent. Rat City pulled ahead for good early in the second half and won 243-115; Rat City moved on the the 5th place game against Rocky Mountain, while Sacred was sent to the 7th place to face 8 seed Angel City.

Rat City took a narrow lead after two jams, up 5-0 with three minutes gone. The third jam ended on a injury call off to Rat City’s jammer Yoko Onudi’nt after a big hit from Sacred’s Axel Breaker — Yoko was able to skate off under her own power, but the jam ended with the score tied at 5-5.

That was the last time Rat City did not hold a lead, though. RCR’s Kamikaze Kim put her team back in front with a 2-0 cut short by Sacred’s Slapjack landing a timely hip check. The lead was inched forward to 10-5 next, where it stayed through a scoreless jam that saw 4Closer get lead but wipe out before putting points on the board. A lead jam call and 4-0 for Sacred’s Jamn Jewlz made it a one point game at 10-9.

Again the score was frozen as the trailing jammer called it off on the next jam, but Sacred City got in some trouble following that one as Jalapeño Business got some power jam time while Rat City blockers shifted to no-engagement offense. Annie Anklebiter and Miss Behaved could only slow Peno a bit, and that one went 20-0 Rat City to make it 30-9 after 12 minutes.

A couple of jams later, Sacred was able to make up a little bit of that after Rat City jammer Poise N Bury back-blocked her way to the box. Jamn Jewlz picked up 9-0 on that one to make it a 33-18 game, and the 4Closer added 4-0 to make it an 11 point game at the midpoint of the half, 33-22.

That Rat City lead was similarly sized for the next 5 minutes, standing at 46-29 as the clock ticked into the last nine minutes of the half. With the score 52-37 favoring Rat City with about 6 minutes to play, a jammer penalty on Sacred’s Jamn Jewlz let Carmen Getsome get past a light pack of Mathmortician and Annie Anklebiter multiple times to make it 72-37 Rat City with just under five minutes to play in the half. They’d keep the advantage through the last few jams and led 102-45 at the break.

After a halftime that was, as on Friday, slightly extended by a glaring sunset, Rat City kept their lead at about the same margin for another ten minutes. They were ahead 144-71 with slightly less than 20 minutes left in the contest. A major track cut for Sacred’s 4Closer at that moment created a nightmare defense situation, with only Dirty 8 Special left on the track to deal with Jalapeno Business. Peno dropped a crowd-exploding apex jump in the course of going 30-0; that made Sacred’s chances considerably weaker at a new score of 183-73.

From that point on, Rat City was out of trouble. A particularly disheartening jam for Sacred City with about 6 minutes left saw Sacred’s 4Closer get lead but also pick up a back block major in content that sent her to the ground — she’d spend a few critical seconds attempting to call it off from the floor before realizing she was destined for the penalty box. It ended up as an 18-5 opposing jammer Poise N’ Bury, which moved the score to a far-out-of-reach 234-88 with under five minutes to play.

Though Sacred won the last four jams 27-9, that was nowhere near enough to make up the deficit, and Rat City finished the game winning by 128, 243-115.

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