West Consolation: 6W Rat City Overcomes 9W Wasatch, 244-172


RICHMOND, CA — 9W Wasatch had a tough ask at the start of day two of the West playoff. Having lost out to Angel City in the first bout of day one, their first-round consolation battle was with 6W Rat City, who lost out in a tight encounter with Bay Area in the final bout of the day. They had Rat City’s number for much of the bout and actually held a narrow halftime lead — but they couldn’t hold it once Rat sorted out their jammer penalty trouble. Rat won 244-172, and head into the next round of the consolation bracket against Sacred City; Wasatch will play also winless Arizona for ninth tomorrow.

Wasatch took an early and surprising 16-0 lead with five lead jam calls in a row around jammer penalties for Carmen Getsome and Missile America, both of whom were penalized for use of forearms when trying to fight their way through tight Wasatch walls.

It was seven minutes into the bout when Carmen Getsome put up Rat’s first points despite a lead call for Squid Vicious. Wasatch had another powerjam almost immediately, though, when Jalapeno Business was again penalized. With ten minutes gone Wasatch held a 22-8 lead. Kamikaze Kim then got Rat’s first lead call of the bout–and she swiftly more then doubled her team’s score, sharing a 9-1 jam with Ali3 Kitt3n. A 5-0 for Missile America next made it a one-point game as Rat started to exert a measure of control over the packs and maintain something approaching a consistent presence on the track. A 4-0 for Carmen Getsome gave Rat the lead with 16 to go — but when Colonel Skirts and Smack and Dechher held Jalapeno Business at the front of the pack, Ali3 tied the game up.

Kamikaze Kim decided that the other Rat jammers shouldn’t be the only ones to have a mid-jam rest and picked up a low block major, and Moon Raker and Ali3 put up Wasatch’s first really effective powerjam of the game to push the team from Utah into a 50-29 lead with 12 minutes left on the clock.

Rat took a timeout that turned into a lengthy official review at that point, and came out firing hard after the break. A 4-0 Carmen Getsome, another 4-0 for Jalapeno Business, a 9-0 for Kamikaze Kim and a 9-0 for Missile America gave Rat a 55-50 lead as Wasatch’s packs ran into penalty trouble. A Carmen Getsome 15-0 with Squid Vicious stuck behind Hard Cora let Rat City add a measure of comfort to their lead.

After a couple of messy jams for Rat City, that lead was cut to seven after Carmen Getsome was adjudged to have initiated a major multiplayer block when trying to run some defense on Squid Vicious. A 9-0 for Moonraker closed out the half as Jalapeno Business tried to run some defense — and Wasatch ended the period with an 81-79 lead.

Jalapeno again tried to run defense in the opening jam of the second period and came off worse, losing the jam 4-0. Carmen Getsome gave up more points in the next jam to Squid Vicious — but when Squid was boxed on a major back block after hurtling into the rear of a solid Rat wall, Carmen gave Rat a 103-92 lead with a 24-7 jam.

Both teams traded lead calls and single-digit margin jams as they both cut down their penalties, but it was Rat City who came out the better, despite the Rat jammers struggling with very tight rear walls from Wasatch. With ten minutes gone, Rat had extended their lead to 129-102.

Missile America then put up a massive jam over Moon Raker after the Wasatch jammer was boxed on a major low block after being called lead as she slid into a Rat wall from behind on her scoring pass, knocking out two Rat blockers at the ankles. Missile was boxed on a fourth minor as that jam came to its conclusion, but Rat still led 149-111.

A 4-2 pack advantage for Rat City meant Ali3 couldn’t do much despite lining up unopposed at the start of the next jam; Rat City blocker Anya Heels repeatedly smashed her to the floor and limited her to five points.

Several scrappy jams later, Method of Madness and Ali3 Kitten shared a 26-15 jam as Method tried to empty her box and manage the clock, only to see her pack continue to replace blockers as they were freed. Neither team could really change the lead much until a 14-0 for Squid Vicious with Colonel Skirts holding Kamikaze Kim made it 213-168 with four minutes left on the clock.

A long 28-4 battle between Jalapeno Business and Skull Candi finally put the bout conclusively out of Wasatch’s reach; it finished with a little over a minute in the bout to go and Rat City leading 244-172. Carmen Getsome lined up unopposed and got a lead call — then refused to skate as the jam clock ticked on, finally calling it as the period clock expired with Rat winning 244-172.

Rat City will play Sacred City at 6pm tonight for a chance to make it into Sunday’s 5th place game; Wasatch meets up with Arizona for ninth place at 10 am tomorrow.

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