West Consolation: 5W Rocky Mountain Contains 8W Angel City, 172-126


RICHMOND, CA — In a Saturday consolation bout at the WFTDA West Region playoffs, lead changes near the start of the game suggested Angel City might keep Rocky from making Sunday’s fifth-place playoff, but a 48-0 run for RMRG at the end of the first half put paid to any hopes the Scarlets might have had of an upset. That run ended up being almost all of Rocky’s winning margin, with the 5280 Fight Club taking the bout 172-126.

After the first nine minutes Angel held a slender 9-8 lead; when Toxic Taunic was boxed with the star for Rocky, Chica Go Lightning managed to put up a 19-0 for the first significant lead of the bout, as Sweet Mary Pain was the only Rocky blocker on the track for much of the power jam.

Incidental contact between Chica Go Lightning and Bob Loblaw between jams as Chica returned to her bench after the jam had ended resulted in an IP major for contact after the whistles being assesed on Chica; Angel attempted to have the call reviewed but wasn’t successful. Toxic Taunic had the chance to lessen Rocky’s deficit but was boxed on her first scoring pass for a major back block. Multiple scoring passes in that two-minute frame left the score at 43-25 in Angel’s favor.

Rocky grabbed points in the next couple of jams before Angel City jammer Tyra Shanks got a major back block call. Rocky Mountain jammer Toxic Taunic lessened the deficit to 45-42, but then got a high block call, letting Shanks out. But Shanks had trouble with RMRG blocker Sweet Mary Pain and couldn’t extend the lead. Chica managed to after lining up unopposed but then got called on a major cut while calling the jam. That proved to be the end of Angel City’s lead. Casstrator put up 20 with Chica in the box in the next jam and 9 more while Assaultin’ Pepa and Frida Beater controlled Chica to give Rocky a 71-54 lead with five minutes left in the period.

All Rocky’s jammers added single digits to the score while keeping Angel scoreless to close the half; the 5280 Fight Club lef 90-54 at the half after a 48-0 run in the final few minutes.

A 4-1 to open the second half ended Angel’s point drought; some solid defense by Krissy Krash on Sweet Mary Pain at the front of the Angel pack gave them their first jam win of the half with a 3-0 for Chica. A 4-0 for Mickispeedia in her first jam for the Scarlets helped Angel build a little momentum in the opening minutes. Another 4-0 for Chica as Krissy combined with Tyra to hold Casstrator made it 94-66.

But May Q Pay, Assaultin’ Pepa and AJ all combined to hold B-Train in the next jam, and Angel’s hard work was undone with four natural grand slams for Alpha Q Up. Alpha picked up a major back block on her final scoring pass, though. Mickispeedia showed some fine strength and agility to ride hits from Amanda Jamitinya in the resulting power jam to pick up 13 and make it 117-79.

A couple of jams later, Angel City jammer Cris Dobbins was already lead and scoring when Alpha was boxed, and she dragged Angel back into contention at with a 27-0 to make it 124-111. Though on the verge of closing the gap, Angel City was unable to turn that big jam into a momentum shifting moment. Rocky edged ahead in the jams that followed as the Angel jammers’ legs appeared to start to go out from under them — helped along by the withering attentions of AJ and Bob Loblaw in particular.

A 14-0 for Casstrator was the only big jam for Rocky in the closing minutes, but they pushed on with a measure of comfort, outscoring Angel City 48-15 in the final stretch to end up 172-126 winners.

Rocky will proceed o the fifth-place playoff at 2 pm tomorrow against the winner of Rat City and Sacred; Angel go into the seventh-place game against the loser of that bout at noon.

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