West Consolation: 5W Bay Area Steamrolls 8W Jet City, 302-55


PORTLAND, OR — For the second time in 5 hours, 5W Bay Area dropped an enormous point total on an overmatched opponent in the consolation rounds of the West Region Playoffs. After opening Saturday’s action with a 227-70 rout of 10W Angel City, BAD buried 8W Jet City by an even greater margin, 302-55.

The first 15 minutes of this one were practically a carbon copy of Bay Area’s earlier game, as once again BAD held their opponents to just 2 points for the first 18 minutes of the half. After an opening 2-2 between Astronaughty and Ivana Hercha, Bay Area’s stifling defense pitched a shutout for 11 straight jams — with BAD taking lead jammer on the first ten. When that sequence was over, the game was far out of hand at 87-2 BAD.

Though Jet City managed to pick up lead jammer twice in a row with about 10 minutes to go in the game, neither jam spooled out to their favor. BAD’s Trixie Pixie took 2-0 from Unshine on the first, and then Precious N. Metal picked up a fourth minor during the scoring pass of her lead jam, leaving the floor open for Astronaughty to pick up 19-4. There was only one jam win for Jet City in the half on a 10-2 powerjam for Snack Size; when the half ended, Bay Area was cruising at 156-18.

By the time Jet City got back on the board 8 minutes into the second half, Bay Area had already hit 200; the score was 200-23 with 22:10 left in the game. Jet City’s Trixxxie Trash’Em and Precious N. Metal were both ejected on penalty accumulation in the second half. On the last jam of the game, with a score of 293-48, Trixie Pixie added an exclamation point to BAD’s victory by choosing to keep running the jam past the period expiration; her 9-7 jam win there broke the 300 point mark for BAD, and she called it as soon as her points went on the board for a 302-55 final.

Bay Area is now 2-1 on the weekend and will play the winner of Denver vs Sacred in Sunday’s 5th place game.

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