West Consolation: 5W Bay Area Bashes 10W Angel City, 227-70


PORTLAND, OR — After a disappointing loss in the quarterfinals to Rose City, 5W Bay Area found themselves in the consolation rounds to start off the Saturday action, and used the opportunity to take out some frustration on 10W Angel City in a 227-70 romp.

If Angel City had any hopes of landing a shocker of an upset on Bay Area after an opening 2-0 win for ACDG’s Ghetto Fabu-lez, Bay Area quite quickly erased them by holding Angel City to only 2 more points over the course of the next 12 jams. For the first 8 of those jams, Angel City’s defense did a fairly good job of keeping Bay Area from putting up multiple scoring passes, keeping the score at a manageable 21-2 favoring BAD.

The bottom finally started to fall out on on jam 9, where Angel City’s Tyra Shanks was boxed and BAD’s Nock Nock ran up a 15-0. Two jams later, BAD got a big string of multi-pass jams that ballooned their score — 20-0 to Astronaughty, 8-0 to Nock Nock, and 12-0 to Chantilly Mace — and it was 79-4 Bay Area with about 10 minutes left in the first half. Although Angel City was able to add a few points on a very light Bay Area pack during powerjam, it was still all BAD at the half, 131-21.

In the second half, the teams split lead jammer status almost evenly — 10 LJ calls for Bay Area against 9 for Angel City — and most jams in the early going were single-passes. However, the BAD lead consistently grew to 162-36 with about 15 to play and then exploded again with a 23-0 to Trixie Pixie and a 10-0 to Astronaughty that made it 195-36 with 10 minutes to play. BAD’s advantage peaked at 173 points before a decent final four jams for Angel narrowed it a bit with a 19-0, a 3-0, a 3-13 and a 4-0. The second half total was a bit closer than the first at 96-49 Bay Area, but there was never a time where it looked like ACDG could make up the difference, as BAD rolled to a 227-70 win.

Bay Area’s scoring attack was fairly balanced, as Astronaughty and Nock Nock led with 63 points each, Trixie Pixie contributed 49, and Chantilly Mace put up 44 (Liza Machete also was on the board with 8. It was Chica Go Lightning leading Angel City, mostly on the back of the big late-game 19-0 jam — she had fewer jams than almost all other Angel City jammer but more points with 35 on 5 jams. Tyra Shanks had 13 points on 19 jams, Ghetto Fabu-lez had 11 on 7 jams, Black Star Heroine had 8 on 6 jams and Hitney Fears had 3 points on 2 jams.

Now 0-2 on the weekend, Angel City will be unable to finish higher than 9th place when they play a to-be-determined opponent at 10am Sunday; Bay Area will play again at 2:30pm against Jet City in the consolation rounds, but cannot finish higher than 5th.

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