West Consolation: 3W Denver Swamps 7W Sacred City, 220-59


PORTLAND, OR — The story of Saturday’s consolation rounds were essentially the story of 3W Denver and 5W Bay Area crushing seeds 7 through 10. In the first three games of the day involving Bay Area or Denver, the high seed won by an average score of 305-47. 7W Sacred City managed to do a little bit better than that, but they still went down by a massive score of 220-59.

Denver pivot Ariel Quigley removed herself from play early in the second jam of the game, apparently on a shoulder issue — but even down a blocker, Denver jammer Krystal Sprouse had no problem putting up a 13-0. That made the score 17-0, and the next jam saw Sacred’s Four Closer get boxed on a track cut. Sacred was momentarily reduced to just one blocker and Denver’s Natalie Meagher dropped 26-0. After three jams, Denver was up 43-0.

Sacred got on the board after about 10 minutes on a 5-0 powerjam for Four Closer over Krysal Sprouse, making the score 52-5; Sacred’s Jamn Jewlz was able to add 3 more on the other side of the powerjam. The jammer penalty bug — which had been so damaging to Denver in their quarterfinal loss to Rat City — was right back to bit Denver after that, as Natalie Meagher went to the box against Colt 45. However, Sacred wasn’t able to capitalize as effectively as Rat had been, and Meagher managed to win the jam 5-0 even though she spent a minute in the box. At the 16 minute mark Denver was up 57-8.

That score remained frozen for the next three jams until Denver again lost Meagher as jammer to the box; Jamn Jewlz got 7-0 for Sacred and iced Meagher for Four Closer to take Sacred’s fifth lead jam status in a row, but that one ended up being a wash a 2-2. As the half entered its last ten minutes. Denver was up 59-17.

Denver’s defense locked down on Jamn Jewlz on the following jam as Caitlin Krause pulled a big jam that featured a impressively smooth 360 move to slide out of a lean block from Cash Money; Krause’s 22-0 squashed all of Sacred’s momentum and gave Denver a 81-17 lead. They’d continue to pour it on to the break, ending the half with two enormous jams — 20-0 to Juska and 29-0 to Krystal Sprouse — and was up 136-20 at halftime. Denver’s lead got as big as 220-41 before Sacred had a good run to end the game with a 7-0, 2-0 and 2-0 for a final of 220-59.

Denver will go on to face 5W Bay Area for 5th place on Sunday; Sacred will battle 8W Jet City for 7th place.

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