West Consolation: 3W Denver Smashes 9W Tucson, 387-18


PORTLAND, OR – When a team is upset like 3W Denver was by 6W Rat City Friday night, ending their chance at going to the WFTDA Championship, they are generally looking for an outlet for their sour emotions and for a chance at redemption. Bay Area did something similar to Angel City and Jet City; unfortunately for Tucson, this bout proved to serve these purposes for Denver. Denver issued the weekend’s largest blowout at 387-18.

The first twelve minutes of the bout were all Denver. In fact, the whole bout was all Denver. The first twelve minutes featured Denver doing all of the scoring. Teresa Rusk, Julie Adams, Caitlin Krause, and Natalie Meagher rotated turns putting up points for Denver to build a 57-0 lead. And then, Tucson scored. Two points. Unfortunately, on the same jam, Julie Adams scored 33 points for Denver. Adams led all scorers with 130 points and posted jams of 33-2, 23-0, 22-7, and 23-0 during her rampage.

One can say what they will about the score, but both teams displayed old-fashioned crowd-pleasing skate-and-smash-your-way-through-the-pack roller derby. Tucson did not score again until one minute left in the half when Lindsey LoBlow scored a 5-4 power jam with Teresa Rusk in the box for a cut. The half ended with Denver in an extremely comfortable 172-7 lead.

The second half was more of the same. Denver’s blockers regularly took a knee before the starting whistle to quickly release their jammers, allowing for maximum points. One such jam challenged the 39-0 WFTDA playoff jam scoring record. With ten minutes left in the game and the score 297-16, Caitlin Krause took full advantage of a power jam when Tucson jammer Bianka Trohl was released from the box and promptly sent off again for a cut. Krause had 35 points and came flying through the pack on another scoring pass, but it was ruled that the fourth jam-ending whistle blew before she scored any more points.

The only other notable jam of the bout was the final jam, a 34-0 power jam for Denver’s Teresa Rusk to put the final score at 387-18.

Denver plays Sacred City next at 5:30pm Saturday. Tucson plays 10W Angel City next at 10am Sunday in the 9th-place bout.

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