West Championship: 1W Oly Rebuffs 2W Rocky Mountain, 143-106


PORTLAND, OR — 2W Rocky Mountain put up a strong challenge to the region’s top seed, but 1W Oly remained undefeated for 2011 by rebuffing them in the championship game of the 2011 WFTDA West Region Playoffs, 143-106. Rocky Mountain held the lead for only the first 4 jams before Oly took the lead for good.

Both teams put out their aces in the opener, but Rocky Mountain’s DeRanged got a quick lead and 2-0 to give Rocky Mountain the first lead. The second jams was marked by a huge hit on Oly jammer Stella Italiana from Bob Loblaw that gave RMRG’s Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya time to claim lead and a 4-0; DeRanged and Atomatrix were back on the line again in jam 3; Atomatrix overcame a false start to claim Oly’s first lead, but had to call at 0-0 as DeRanged had put some distance between them. The next also went 0-0, this time with Tannibal Lector getting out second with lead and calling 0-0 against Urrk’n. After 5 minutes, it was a very low scoring game at 6-0 Rocky.

Oly got their first points on a powerjam after Rocky Mountain’s Frida Beater was boxed on a cut; the pack came to a complete stop between turns 1 and 2 as Rocky just waited for Atomatrix to approach, but Atom ran up a 17-0 before finally getting decked by Amanda Jamitinya; Atom called to ice Frida in the box, but it didn’t work out; Stella Italiana hit the floor very hard with apparent whiplash in her opening pass, and the jam was called on injury at 0-0 although she was able to get up and skate off under her own power after about a minute.

Rocky Mountain got into very serious penalty trouble next, filling the box and leaving only Assaultin’ Pepa and Ecko on the floor against the full Oly contingent; Scara to Death put up a 10-0 and Atom added 4-0 on the other side of the powerjam. With 10 minutes gone in the bout, Oly had a solid lead at 31-6.

RMRG finally got their first powerjam opportunity on the 11th jam of the game when DeRanged had a very light pack to go up against; unfortunately for Rocky, she picked up a back block after grabbing 18 points. Tannibal Lector bolted out of the box to put up 9 for Oly, bringing the game to 46-25 with about 15 minutes left in the first half. Back to back 8-0 jams for Oly moved it to 62-25, and Rocky Mountain called their first timeout with 12:45 to play in the first.

DeRanged and PsychoBabble teamed up effectively on Atomatrix following the timeout, but Rocky jammer Triple Shot Misto was only able to claim 2 points before having to call. Rocky Mountain continued to nick away with small-margin jams — 2-0 Psycho, 4-0 Urrk’n and 3-0 Psych — and with about 7 minutes left it was 63-36 Oly.

Unfortunately for Rocky, the mini-rally was short-circuited when Urrk’n got sent to the box during her scoring pass; the jam went 5-2 Oly, and Atomatrix added more margin on the other side of the powerjam with 5-0. With 3:20 to go in the first half, it was 72-38 Oly, and they’d hold a 82-42 advantage at the break.

RMRG’s Urrk’n Jerk’n got her team off to a good start in the second half by claiming lead, but Sassy, Hockey Honey and Scara to Death did a good job of containing her to only 4-0; two jams later, Urrk’n once again narrowed the margin with a 8-0 over Hockey Honey. Five minutes into the half, it was 90-54 Oly.

On the next jam, DeRanged and Atomatrix both completed their opening passes without attaining lead, creating a full-length jam in which neither team had much luck containing their opposing jammers; it went 12-10 for Atom. RMRG got a break on the next jam when Stella Italiana had lead for Oly but picked up a 4th minor during her first scoring pass; yet again, it was Urrk’n Jerk’n getting her team a much needed jam win with a 18-2. RMRG blocker Psycho Babble had Stella’s number in the pack on the other side of the powerjam while DeRanged stormed for 9-0, and suddenly Rocky Mountain was within striking distance at 104-91 and about 19 minutes left.

Oly’s Atomatrix got her team some breathing room next with a 13-0 powerjam while Urrk’n was battered and eventually hit the box on a low block; Atom called with Urrk’n boxed, and the next jam was chaotic as both Oly’s Tannibal Lector and Urrk’n were boxed almost simultaneously during a heavily defensive jam that ended up going 4-0 Oly. Rocky was down by 30 with 14 minutes to play, 121-91.

Oly called their first timeout with 10:18 left in the game, leading 129-96, but RMRG won or tied the next five jams to inch closer at 129-102. Still, though, time was becoming an issue for RMRG, with only 4:15 left to play; they called their second timeout. However, the nail in RMRG’s coffin came two jams later, when Urrk’n Jerk’n and Tannibal Lector burst out of the pack at almost the same time but Tannibal took Urrk’n down; a few moments later, Urrk’n was boxed on a major track cut and Tannibal rolled for the game-sealing 10-0. It made the score 143-102 with 54 seconds left, and though Rocky took their final timeout, there was not enough time to make up the difference. Atomatrix claimed lead and patiently ran out the clock while DeRanged scored 4; the final was 143-106.

Oly takes their second West title in three years, the only undefeated team of the weekend with wins over Rose City and Jet City; Rocky finishes in second with wins over Sacred City and Rat City. Both teams will have to wait until all four WFTDA tournaments are concluded before finding out who they face in Denver at November’s WFTDA Championships.

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