West 9th Place: 10W Angel City Upsets 9W Tucson, 211-139


PORTLAND, OR — 10W Angel City managed to increase their final standing by one in the 9th place game of the West Region playoffs, pulling away from 9W Tucson in the second half to solidly win, 211-139. Angel City’s Ghetto Fabu-Lez had a huge game, putting up 131 points on some lopsided powerjams.

The game was tight for the first 30 minutes. The score was at 8-4 after four jams, but the first powerjam of the game went to Angel City on the fifth jam when Tucson’s Lindsey LoBlow was boxed after getting lead; Chica Go Lightning put up a 14-4 that gave Angel City a 22-8 lead. Although Tucson had a powerjam of their own two jams later, Tucson’s Bianka Trohl had trouble navigating the pack and it ended up going 10-8 to Angel City, moving the score to 35-20 ACDG.

Tucson was unable to get on the board for the next four jams and seemed to be in danger of falling seriously behind when the margin reached 52-20 with about 14 minutes on the clock, but they got a couple of big jams right when they needed them; a 9-0 to Sami Automatic and then a critical 20-0 powerjam to Lindsay LoBlow, who benefitted from nearly every blocker in the pack falling during one of her scoring pass. Suddenly the Angel City lead was reduced to just 3 points at 52-49 with 11:40 left in the half.

Fortunately for Angel City, Ghetto Fabu-Lez got back almost all of their lead with a huge natural 25-0 over Judo Gnomi, who attempted to join the defense but couldn’t stop her; Silent DisAshter and Duchess Von Damn continually opened big holes for her. That made it 77-49, but Tucson finished the half strong, picking up lead on four out of the last five jams and going on a 36-0 run before Angel City’s Tyra Shanks managed to grab a 4-0 to end the half. At the break it was a close contest at 93-85 Angel City.

The second half, though, was a nearly completely different story. Tucson took lead on the first three jams of the half, but lost the first two on a 4-3 and 1-0; two jams after that, it was still close at 102-92 Angel City. That was the last time in the game that Tucson had a real shot at closing the gap, though; Angel City went on a rampage over the next six jams, bookended by huge powerjams for Ghetto Fabu-Lez. The first was a 29-4 over Sami Automatic and the last a 30-0 powerjam over Lindsay LoBlow; on that jam, Lindsay came out of the box only to go right back in. When it was all over, Angel City had a 78-6 run that made the score 180-98 with 16 minutes left to play.

Tucson got a break on the next jam when Angel City filled their penalty box, but could only turn it into a 10-5 for Lindsay LoBlow, and two jams later Tucson was still in a significant hole at 185-110. They seemed to be running a one-two punch of Lindsey LoBlow and Sami Automatic on the jam line, but the short rotation translated into box trips; Tucson was blanked on four jams in a row and the gap grew to 204-110 with under ten minutes to play.

The final bright spot in the game for Tucson would be a 18-0 for LoBlow on the third-to-last jam of the game, but the Angel City lead was far out of reach at that point at 207-136; three minutes later, Angel City had the seeding upset at 211-139.

Tucson finishes 10th as the weekend’s only winless team, losing to Jet City, Denver and Angel City; Angel City finishes in 9th with a 1-2 record, beating Tucson and losing to Sacred City and Bay Area.

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