West 7th Place: 7W Sacred City Denies 8W Jet City, 140-105


PORTLAND, OR — Sunday’s 7th-place Western Regional playoff game featured 7W Sacred City and 8W Jet City in a rematch from earlier this season in which Sacred City won in Sacremento. Both Sacred and Jet were 1-2 for the tournament with Sacred beating 10W Angel City before losing to 2W Rocky Mountain and 3W Denver and Jet beating 9W Tucson before losing to 1W Oly Rollers and 5W Bay Area to get to this point. In this tightly-contested, penalty-heavy bout, Sacred would come up victorious 140-105.

Jet struck first taking a 13-0 lead after five jams with the help of impenetrable walls built by blockers Marilyn Gun-Hoe, Teeny Bopper, Devilynne Syde, and Nasty Nikki Nightstick. Eight minutes into the bout, Sacred City finally scored their first points when jammer Colt 45 got the lead jammer whistle and passed two Jet skaters for a 2-0 advantage. The small but loyal crowd was treated to its first power jam when Four Closer committed a cut major for Sacred. Jet jammer Ivana Hercha put up 12 points on the slow, brutal pack before picking up her own major giving Four Closer a chance to score 13 points of her own.

With twenty minutes to go and Jet up 25-15, Sacred’s Judy Jettison and Jet’s Snack Size faced off. Lead jammer Snack Size called it when forced out by Cash Money for a 2-0 change in score. Jet’s Precious N Metal picked up lead on the next jam but was sent to the box to give Sacred’s Jamn Jewlz a prime scoring opportunity. Jewlz’s 13-4 jam put Sacred with four. Jet took a knee to give Sierra First a quick jam start. She was first through but failed to get lead due to a back block. Sierra was able to score five points before Sacred could get through for lead.

Sacred’s Four Closer dominated the next jam. As Sacred blockers contained Jet jammer Ivana Hercha and pressured her into committing a cut major, Four Closer flew around the pack almost untouched giving Sacred their first lead 47-36 with 13:30 left in the half. Jamn Jewlz started off on the jammer line alone for Sacred and quickly gained lead. Sacred blocker Axel Breaker provided the holes Jewlz needed to get a 12-0 jam. It was power jam time again for Sacred when Precious N. Metal committed a major offense. Four Closer again fought her way through, putting the Sacred run at 44-0 and the bout score at 72-36 with 9:30 to go in the half.

After a slow start on the next jam, both jammers visited the box. Jet came out ahead in the deal 9-4. Through roller derby metaphysics, the following jam started with both jammers in the box. When released, Jet blocker Marilyn Gun-Hoe gave Sacred jammer Judy Jettison difficulties with her unique backward-skating, chest-bumping blocks. Neither jammer was able to score any points.

Precious N. Metal grabbed lead for Jet in the subsequent jam while Trixxie’s Trashn’em laid Sacred jammer Jamn Jewlz in a pile along the side of the track, allowing Jet to collect a 9-0 run to cut the Sacred lead: 76-54 with 3:30 to go. When Sacred jammer Colt 45 tried to jump the apex and instead received a trip to the penalty box, Snack Size had a chance to move Jet even closer, but lost it on a back block. Colt 45 headed to the box for a second time in the jam right as the whistle blew, creating another jam that started without jammers on the track. Snack Size picked up her fourth minor soon after coming back on the track giving Sacred the opportunity to go into the half with a tenuous 98-68 advantage.

Jet jammer Precious N. Metal picked up the first lead whistle of the second half and grand-slammed before calling it off. Snack Size helped Jet continue their lead jammer streak but was unable to score with Colt 45 hot on her trail keeping the score at 99-73 two minutes into the half.

A couple jams later, Sacred jammer Four Closer had another power jam when Sierra Fist was four-fingered to the box for a cut minor. Closer picked up a 9-4 jam before being called to the box for a fourth minor as time expired. Sacred effectively killed the ensuing power jam not allowing Precious N. Metal through ‘til Four Closer was released keeping the score at 112-77. With both boxes full of blockers, a slow start was in order. The jammers were not released until 50 seconds in. Jet’s Unshine posted a 2-1 jam before calling it. Jammers Judy Jettison and Ivana Hercha simultaneously went to the box in the next jam cancelling out any power jam opportunity, but the jam was called off short of the two minutes when Sacred blocker Slap Jack took a nasty fall on her hip. Ivana Hercha scored 5-0 on that jam.

On the ensuing jam, Jet’s Snack Size snagged lead but was accidentally called off for a cut. The official waved her back on, but Snack Size didn’t notice, so Jet coach Tre Le Trash yanked her out of the box. Snack Size was able to pick up a 3-0 jam despite this snafu.

Jet continued to cut into Sacred’s lead with a 5-0 jam from Precious N. Metal. With 15 minutes to go in the game, the score was now 113-92. Sierra Fist gave Sacred a another power jam after a back block. Jamn Jewlz scored five and called it to give Four Closer a fresh start for a 10-0 score on the following jam while both teams only had two blockers on the track. Jet City’s Snack Size got four of those points back on the next jam with a little help from Trixxie’s Trashn‘em‘s great hitting. Precious N. Metal picked up lead for Jet on the next two jams for a net gain of 4 points to put the bout at 128-100 with eight minutes left.

Sacred’s Axel Breaker jammed for the first time in the bout with six minutes to go and bouldered her way to a 10-0 jam when Sierra Fist had trouble getting out of the pack. Sacred’s Four Closer was next to make it through the pack first but was forced to call it when Precious N. Metal followed close behind.

With 1:30 left and down 140-101, Jet did a quick start. Snack Size got lead, but fell while coming around to the pack. She still picked up her four points and called it. With 25 seconds left and a quick timeout, Jet was able to sneak in one last jam. Precious N. Metal donned the star for Jet on the final frame while Four Closer skated for Sacred. Precious soon picked up a back block major giving Four Closer an easy lead jammer opportunity. She skated out the remaining seconds to give Sacred the win at 140-105.

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