West 7th Place: 10W Sacred City Denies 8W Angel City, 147-146


RICHMOND, CA — Angel City and Sacred City have a storied rivalry going back to 2007, with almost every single meeting between the teams coming down to the last few jams. In the seventh place of the West playoffs, it came down to literally the last few seconds. A strong start for Sacred was wiped out by a mostly-dominant Angel side, who pulled into a commanding second-half lead — but a 57-0 Sacred run before the final jam, combined with an injudicious and fatally premature last-jam call-off from Angel City’s Fifi Nomenon, gave Sacred a one-point victory and seventh place in the West.

Daddy’s Girl, Colt 45, The 4 Closer and Jammin Jewlz made a good start for Sacred, getting out of the pack first in each of the first six jams, picking up 15 points and five lead jam calls. Chica Go Lightning broke that streak and Angel’s scoring drought with a 4-0 after seven minutes, but Colt restored Sacred’s early domination next time out to make her team’s lead 25-4.

Sacred jammer Daddy’s Girl lost a battle with Krissy Krash and Rachel Rotten and picked up a major cut call; Fifi Nomenon scored 20-0 got a power jam in her first jam since dropping out on injury during Saturday night’s game against Rat City.

Fifi made it a one-point game with a 20-0, but spurned the opportunity to take the lead when she called it as Colt 45 came out of the box on her initial pass.

A 4-0 for the 4Closer was followed by a 0-0 between Tyra Shanks and Jammin Jewlz–but Jewlz smashed into the back of an Angel blocker after the whistles to see herself boxed for contact after the jam had ended.

That meant Fifi could finally take the lead for Angel in the very next jam as she put up a 20-0 with a 4-2 pack advantage. Several jams later, Fifi put up more with Daddy’s Girl stuck behind Duchess Von Damn and Krissy Krash to make it 69-35.

With five minutes left in the half Fifi went from heroine to villainness when she found herself going to the box on a low block after skate-to-skate contact as a jam ended. Sacred’s 4Closer then more than trebled her point total for the bout so far with a 15-0 despite having a full Angel pack to deal with on her power jam.

Sacred did have the better of the exchanges as the half expired, but Angel limited the damage of a run of lead jam calls for Sacred by successfully breaking their jammers out and racing the pack speed. Chica closed out the half with a 4-0 to leave Angel with a 78-53 lead at the half.

The Sacred City defense gave opposing Angel City jammer B-Train a tough first jam after the break while the 4Closer put up two natural grand slams, but Sacred couldn’t really build on that start as Angel pulled ahead.

Angel pushed their lead to 108-73 over the next few jams before Tyra Shanks got nudged over the line by the impressive Axel Breaker and was boxed on a major cut. That let the 4Closer eat a little into the Angel lead–but Snick-her-doodle and Shiv gave a lesson on powerjam defense as they severely limited her scoring, leaving Angel with a 108-83 lead.

Angel kept edging ahead until the last five minutes to 132-83 when Jamn Jewelz, The 4Closer and Colt 45 ended a 25-1 Angel run with an 8-0, a 19-0 and a 30-0 around a box trip for Chica Go Lightning to retake the lead for Sacred, 140-133, with less than a minute to go.

Trailing by 7 points, Fifi Nomenon took the star in the final jam and got what she needed from blockers Shiv, Micki Speedia and Duchess Von Damn, who combined to let Fifi lap Daddy’s Girl during Fifi’s third scoring pass. On escaping the pack and seeing her team with a 2-point lead on the scoreboard, Fifi called it off, leading to wild celebrations from Angel’s bench — but they’d failed to realize that Daddy’s Girl’s points hadn’t gone up yet. When those three points went up for Daddy’s Girl’s incomplete final pass, Angel’s elation turned to despair –Sacred won 147-146 to continue their playoff dominance over the Scarlets and take seventh place.

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