West 3rd Place: 3W BAD Stymies 1W Rose, 135-123


RICHMOND, CA — Rose City and Bay Area have history.Bay drew first blood in 2008 with an opening day win over the team from Portland, and stopped Rose making their maiden Championships appearance with a win in the third-place game in 2010. Rose got revenge for that in 2011 with a first-day win of their own.

This meeting saw six lead changes — but Bay Area held on to take third and return to Championships with a 135-123 victory, thanks in no small part to their solid power jam defense and Rose City blockers spending a combined 30 minutes in the box while the more disciplined Bay Area side had considerably fewer at 18. The bout also marked the first time since WFTDA split into four regions that a top seed from a regional tournament has failed to progress to Championships.

Rose City jammer Soulfearic Acid got lead in the first jam but was forced into a 0-0 call after a sharp hit to the outside; when Bay Area’s Nock Nock got lead in the next jam, she was able open the scoring with a 3-0.

The lead lasted a matter of seconds, though. Scald Eagle grabbed a lightning-quick 4-0 for the game’s first lead change in jam three. BAD blocker Liza Machete ran some great offense in the next jam to spring her jammer Lulu Lockjaw — but Soulfearic was already out and scoring, and made it 7-6.

A 3-0 for Chantilly Mace despite a lead call for White Flight made it a one-point game, and a 3-0 for Nock Nock over Scald Eagle triggered the second lead change after six minutes.

But that lead lasted a single jam when Lulu Lockjaw was boxed on a low block call. Soulfearic called it after her first pass with plenty of time left on that penalty, giving White Flight a chance to line up unopposed and hopefully shake off her troubles from Rose’s defeat to Oly the day before. She only put up seven though as she couldn’t shrug off the attentions of Belle Right Hooks, Slaybia Majora and Brawllen Angel.

Bay Area tied it up at 19-19 with three quickfire smash-and-grab jams, but couldn’t quite get in front as Rose grabbed five lead jams in a row and pushed their score to 32-19 with single-digit jams. A 10-0 for Soulfearic Acid while Lulu Lockjaw was swarmed by Mercy, JK Rolling and Havana Good Time at the front of the pack consolidated the lead.

A 4-0 for Chantilly Mace looked like it might trigger a momentum shift, but Nock Nock was boxed in the next jam; Scald Eagle put up a 10-0 to put paid to Bay Area’s immediate hopes of a revival.

Rose added 8 in the next three jams before a 29-0 run for Bay Area across the last three jams of the period took them into the half a mere three points behind, 60-57. A 15-0 for Ivy Profane was the highlight as Rose jammer Scald Eagle resorted to running jammer defense when her pack was reduced to two with Bay Area at full strength.

Chantilly Mace took the lead for Bay Area in the very first jam of the second half with two Rose blockers still in the box. That went 4-0 and a subsequent 4-0 for Nock Nock made the lead margin 65-60 as she used that 4-2 pack advantage in her favor of a quick lead call. When pack numbers evened up, Rose managed to get a string of lead calls but couldn’t score points for three jams until White Flight raced twice round the outside for a quick lead call and 4-0 to make it a one-point game.

A 4-1 for Soulfearic gave the bout its fifth lead change; and a 4-0 for Scald Eagle made it 72-65 Rose City. Three natural grand slams for Ivy Profane as White Flight struggled with another 4-2 pack were followed by four more points to make it 72-84 in Bay Area’s favor.

BAD got the better of the next few jams, edging further ahead while Rose still had trouble keeping more than two blockers on the track at any one time. Soulfearic got Rose’s first lead call in four next jam, but used the jam to burn her blockers penalty time in a masterful display of strategic jamming over Ivy Profane. That paid off in the very next jam as Scald Eagle lapped Lulu Lockjaw while the BAD jammer was controlled by Mel Mangles, Scrappy Go Lucky and Havana Good Time; that two-minute jam saw Lulu take BAD to 100 at the death, but with Rose City just a single pass behind on 96.

A 9-0 for Nock Nock, a 5-0 for Ivy Profane, 5-0 Chantilly Mace, 9-0 Nock Nock in a 28-0 run for Bay Area started to edge the game away from Rose City before Mercy single-handedly held Ivy Profane for long enough for Soulfearic get Rose’s first points in five jams.

White Flight had a golden opportunity to drag Rose City back into serious contention when Lulu Lockjaw handed Rose their third power jam of the game with a major back block. She didn’t manage a single point, though as Belle Right Hooks, Sugar Pusher and Liza Machete held her for almost the full minute. Soulfearic got lead unopposed in the few seconds remaining on that penalty, and then JK Rolling and Mercy held Lulu after she escaped from the box to let Soulfearic lift Rose to a 132-114 deficit. White Flight put up five points of her own in the penultimate jam to make it 132-119 with 1:02 on the clock.

Nock Nock got lead within seconds of the next jam though — and she kept her composure for long enough to stay out of the box and call it as the period clock expired to book BAD’s second trip to championships with a 135-123 victory.

Bay Area continues their on-off history at Championships — they’ve qualified in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

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