Weekend Review: April 24th-26th

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This weekend saw some rankings shake ups across the board, from a pummeling in St. Paul to some budding underdogs at Southern Discomfort. Santa Cruz kept things exciting out West, and Canada had some interesting match ups.

Here’s your weekend review for April 24th-26th.

Last weekend’s preview headliner was the #7 Minnesota and #11 Windy City game, which has historically been quite the rivalry, but 10 years of derby seemed to be the cap for many Windy skaters, making this 11th match up a bit anticlimactic. Only 5 main 2014 charter skaters returned for Windy City this year, and Minnesota also had a handful move away or retire. It was bound to be a much different meeting this time around, and MNRG finally took the game decisively at 283-78.

That score by no means takes away from the talent that Windy has, as many skater have been on the All-Stars in years past, or were on Second Wind prior to this season. With practiced jammers like Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis, Jan Trainor, and KillaNois being supplemented by up-and-comers such as Killjoy and Mia Go Hamm, they are going to have plenty of talent donning the star. The Jamburglar and Mah-Ko showed off their versatility, and Hoosier Mama locked down the front of the pack with her one-on-one skills.

Minnesota lost several jammers going into 2015, but Jacked Pipes proved they have nothing to worry about in that department. The first-year rookie was top scorer for MNRG, and showed off fancy footwork Saturday night, along with the smiling Fannie Tanner. Also stepping up for the aqua star was Shiver Me Kimbers, Trudy, and Second Hand Smoke.

Minnesota’s greatest offense was their defense though, with solid, spinning defensive formations, and well executed teamwork. This effectiveness takes multiple seasons to build cohesion, and that’s where MNRG had a leg up on WCR this time around. Windy City lost nearly a decade’s worth of that, but it likely won’t be long before the Chicagoans get it back.


To open up Beast of the East tournament, #17 Montreal took on #29 Toronto, which ended up being an exciting, back and forth game. Coached by Plastik Patrik, the New Skids started out strong, but CN Power quickly tied it up. Toronto’s swarming defense and speedy work by jammer Bala-Reina gave them the lead for most of the first half, but Montreal chipped away in the second to regain the lead when it counted most.

With a 13-point lead, Mel E Juana earned lead status in the final jam while Bala-Reina took a seat for a cut. She wasn’t finished though, as she whipped around the track for two quick grand slams, but all Mel E Juana had to do was wait out the period clock to end it for a 180-171 New Skids victory. Check out the whole game right here.

We’ll get another look at Montreal this weekend at The Big O, and it looks like they may have an experienced addition to their league?


To the West in Canada, #18 Terminal City was the first stop on Helsinki’s Northwest tour, and Finland’s #63 team may have taken them by surprise. Teams overseas are notoriously under-ranked, but it’s trips like this that help them find their true placement. Helsinki didn’t win, but kept Terminal City close at 215-185. This score was much under the nearly 3:1 ratio Flat Track Stats anticipated, and they now rank Terminal at #25. We will see more from both teams as they head to Eugene for The Big O this weekend as well.


#19 Ohio added another win to their season with a 212-136 win over #33 Queen City. Ohio’s heavy schedule is what helps keep their ranking from varying too much, but Flat Track Stats does have them ranked at #31 after this game.


Detroit vs Ft. Wayne. Photo by Johs Kahl.

Detroit vs Ft. Wayne. Photo by Johs Kahl.

In Michigan,#25 Detroit hosted #78 Ft. Wayne and gave them a 334-point blow. With the Bomb Squad only able to put up 46 points, Hellen Killer nearly outscored them in one jam alone, picking up 40 points.  This puts Detroit on 4 wins so far in 2015, and Ft. Wayne at 2-4.

#55 Blue Ridge made their way to Ohio to take on #92 Cincinnati but not before they battled #27 Steel City first. They went from a 281-point loss in the morning to a 97-point victory in the evening, the latter a bit closer than expected.


In Europe, #32 Stockholm took on #82 Crime City in what ended up being a tighter match up. Stockholm only achieved a 55-point victory, and FTS’s lower ranking of them makes it seem that Stockholm may be a bit over-ranked while Crime City could move up a bit this month.


#43 Kansas City and #44 Chicago Outfit went head to head in Illinois, and the Outfit edged them out by 25 points. Also in the midwest, a bit larger upset was had by #83 North Star who bested #51 Omaha 229-75. Lower in the ranks, #158 Chippewa Valley had a strong game against #101 Paper Valley, taking the win by 41 points.

Pikes Peak may see their way into the D2 bubble soon with two wins over the weekend. They headed to the Northeast and beat #84 Providence 267-82 and #108 Connecticut 316-78. FTS currently ranks Pikes at #54, so we will have to see where the rest of the season takes them.


Southern Discomfort

At Southern Discomfort, the invitational hosted by Columbia QuadSquad in South Carolina, #14 Jacksonville came in as the top-ranked team and easily took both their games. The rest of the match-ups led to some inconsistent results, and exciting upsets.

#36 Calgary was able to put up 111 points to Jax’s 324 first thing Saturday, and then later took on #79 Roc City for a 206-144 victory. The next day however, #61 Charlottesville upset CRDA, 249-124.

Charlottesville has been moving on up this year, and with a 317-115 game against #87 Fort Myers, had two wins in South Carolina. Fort Myers may have fallen to them, but on Sunday took a 254-124 win over #54 Killamazoo. The #40 hosts Columbia gave Killa their third loss at 316-41, and picked up two more wins against #77 Brandywine and #74 Green Mountain.

Killamazoo vs Jacksonville. Photo by Ken LeBleu - Jammertime.com

Killamazoo vs Jacksonville. Photo by Ken LeBleu – Jammertime.com

Spudtown Knockdown

Boulder County was listed on FTS as the biggest mover over the weekend, and it is probably due to their 478-point win over #67 New Hampshire. Ranked #50 in WFTDA, Boulder now holds #27 on FTS, and went 3-0 in Idaho. With only a 77-point win over #58 Treasure Valley, their excessive first win may be the result of New Hampshire falling in the ranks this year. Already dropping 23 places with the March rankings release, New Hampshire looks like they won’t be heading back to playoffs this year unless something turns around fast. They not only lost their three games, but it was by an average of about 410 points.

Treasure Valley not only lost to Boulder County, but also #81 Sac City, although TVRD still shows up at #44 on FTS. Both of their winning opponents seem to be on an upswing, and with their 305-point win over New Hampshire, their weekend will likely even out.

In the other pool of sanctioned games, unranked Rainier took all three of their games, beating the highest ranked Snake Pit by 42 points. This will get them into the rankings at about the midway point by the end of April.

Tinseltown Showdown

#9 Angel City proved why they are in the top ten with two wins against #34 Santa Cruz and #28 Arizona, scoring over 300 points in each game. Santa Cruz kept things interesting with two close-call wins and Arizona only took one win over #64 Sacred. Check out game recaps in our Day 1 and Day 2 summaries.

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