Weekend Preview Streaming Highlights: May 9-11


After last weekend’s excitement being spread from coast to coast, this weekend things are a whole lot more concentrated.

You can watch a whole lot of live derby from Colorado this weekend courtesy of Coloradosports.tv — they’re broadcasting Thin Air Throwdown and Mayday Mayhem.

Thin Air Throwdown is a series of bouts across two Denver venues; Windy City and Gotham Girls are both heading a mile up to play the two hometown teams and each other.

It kicks off at 7pm on Friday with Denver taking on Windy City at Denver’s practice space, the Glitterdome. Action continues at the Glitterdome on Saturday when Gotham joins the party to play Windy (at noon) and Denver (at 5pm). Rocky are the last team to join the party when they play Windy at 7pm.

Finally in sanctioned action, Gotham meets Rocky at Rocky’s Fillmore Auditorium at noon on Sunday, before the team’s respective reserve teams play to close out the weekend.

UPDATE: The links above have been updated to point to the specific pages for each day’s video, now those links have been finalised.

There will also be streamed bouts from Mayday Mayhem all weekend. This includes a bunch of WFTDA-sanctioned action from the lower end of Division 3–including Nidaros, from Norway–and some men’s action courtesy of Uinta Madness, Lane Country Concussion, Dallas Deception, the Sioux City Kornstalkers, the Chinook City Reservoir Dogs and the Red Deer Dreadnaughts.

Also in streamed action Rat City will take on Sacred (via the streamed Key Arena Jumbotron feed), while Rose’s home teams are all in action on Friday and Saturday. While we’ve not seen official confirmation of streaming for those, we would fully expect the action from Seattle and Portland to be viewable online.

Keep an eye on both the DNN Live page and our new events / external streams calendar page.

We suspect Texas’ Saturday night home team action will also be streamed; if it is, you’ll be able to watch it here.

Non-Streamed Action

In the fight for Division 1 playoff places as the qualification period edges into its final weeks, No Coast visit Arch Rival on Saturday, while Toronto visit Steel City.

Atlanta’s visit to Ohio for an A&B doubleheader will also be of interest. Retirements have left Ohio looking weaker in 2014 than 2013, while we haven’t seen anything of Atlanta since champs last year. Atlanta also have a hangover bout against Toronto on the Sunday.

In the battle for D2 playoff spots Killamazoo visit Cincinnati as the Black Sheep continue to look for the first win of their rebuilding season. Queen City are paying a visit to Ithaca as they look to keep their D2 playoff spot space.

There is also mixed MRDA action in Des Moines for London Calling (the Jam); London’s Southern Discomfort are already stateside and warming up for Spring Roll with a two-day round robin with Minnesota, Cowtown and home town team Your Mom.

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