Weekend Preview: 21-23 March, 2014


Wow. For a moment before contemplating this weekend’s match-ups, take a moment to step back and look at the sheer number of bouts at all levels we have listed for this weekend. There are 101 bouts we have listed, 50 of which are WFTDA-sanctioned. I think It’s fair to say 2014 has begun.

There are also more than ten bouts you can watch through DNN and find on the live page — as well as a few others streamed elsewhere that we’ve included links for below where they’re available.

Before I get into that, though, I’d like to commend the new DNN Events / Editorial Calendar to your attention. It’s a work in progress, but an attempt to collate some of the biggest events of the year and some of our coverage plans in one place for you. We welcome any feedback–there are details on the page if you want to get in touch.

Quad City Chaos

The biggest clump of Division 1 action comes in Toronto, where Quad City Chaos brings four of last year’s playoff teams together: Montreal (WFTDA #17, FTS 16) , Ohio (WFTDA #22, FTS 24), Bleeding Heartland (WFTDA #42, FTS 45) and hosts Toronto (WFTDA #29, FTS 23). Results will be particularly interesting when one considers the two top teams here are both bouting in the aftermath of significant retirements: Montreal has lost Iron Wench, while Ohio has lost Phoenix Bunz and Pippi RipYourStockings.

Montreal have played without Wench for extended periods before and have always been a team that prides itself on being able to throw anyone on the bench the star so the impact will be mitigated, but it will be interesting to observe regardless. Ohio struggled a little in the first half of their first game out this season, but then got things together in the second against Nashville–but not by nearly enough. That result meant they slipped below Montreal and Toronto in the FTS rankings, and clean out of the top 20 to boot. Toronto were a team that was obviously on the up last year, and they have a busy month or so ahead them too, so will be worth keeping a close eye on. Bleeding Heartland have slipped out of the Division 1 play-off spots–but did only lose to Toronto by two points when the teams last met in July 2013.

If you want to watch any of the games between these teams, you can — the whole weekend is being streamed by Toronto, and you can watch it right here (in HD!) on DNN.

Action from the Men’s World Cup last weekend, because we like the photo and it features Canadians, like Quad City Chaos.

Clover Cup

At the Clover Cup there is a bunch of action around the D2 playoff placings. They’re also of interest due to featuring three teams whose WFTDA ranking (a measure of their performance over the past 12 months, in theory) and FTS ranking (a measure of their current form) are wildly divergent. While the Oklahoma Victory Dolls (WFTDA #34, FTS 36) have both rankings in close alignment, Dallas (WFTDA #62, FTS 97), Duke City (WFTDA #55, FTS 91) and Assassination City (WFTDA #106, FTS 146) are all ranked significantly higher in the WFTDA system than in FTS. These teams playing each other will almost certainly serve to re-inforce the apparent WFTDA over-ranking though some balance will be provided by OKVD.

OKVD are the top team fighting to repeat their 2013 placement at D1 playoffs in 2014. Rankings-wise this could be an interesting weekend for them; while they’d be expected to do very well from WFTDA’s rankings, if they hit some of the lower-ranked teams in the tournament even shut-outs would see them lost ground in the playoff race.

You also have Brewcity (WFTDA #67, FTS 72), Omaha (WFTDA #69, FTS 74), NW Arkansas (WFTDA #90, FTS 54) and Gold Coast (WFTDA #48, FTS 54) represented.

Duke City are trying to hang on to their D2 playoffs spot and would do their cause a lot of good with a win over Dallas (who are trying to climb into those same spots), but will again almost certainly have their cause damaged by playing Ass City unless they come close to shutting them out.

Want to watch it live? The Dallas Derby Devils are streaming it all weekend long on Justin.tv.

Dust Bowl

Silicon Valley (WFTDA #64, FTS 94) were eligible for a trip to playoffs last year, but declined the invitation. They’re currently outside the D2 playoff places and have a weekend ahead of them featuring games against currently unranked opposition that will serve to pull them further away from the playoffs entirely irrespective of how well they do. Their FTS rating suggests that ranking maths isn’t likely to be a huge concern, though, as their current form suggests they are a long way off the pace needed to compete at that level.

Other WFTDA Bouts

Kansas City (WFTDA #19, FTS 21) are travelling to Denver this weekend to take on both Rocky Mountain (WFTDA #9, FTS 8) and Denver (WFTDA #5, FTS 6). Their A&B double header against Rocky is being streamed, starting with the A-team game at 1800 MDT on Saturday. This will be the first chance many people get to see a new-look Rocky team this year that may feature the returning She Who and Team USA alumnus Heather Juska.

Elsewhere Arch Rival (WFTDA #20, FTS 17) travel to Windy City (WFTDA #8, FTS 9), Chicago Outfit (WFTDA #50, FTS 38) head up to Grand Rapids to face Grand Raggidy (WFTDA #57, FTS 51) and Tampa (WFTDA #28, FTS 26).

Tampa are also playing Detroit (WFTDA #30, FTS 27) in what has the potential to be one of the closest match-ups of the weekend.

Finally there is a double-header being streamed from Santa Cruz featuring two teams who impressed at D2 playoffs last year: Santa Cruz (WFTDA #32, FTS 34) and Treasure Valley (WFTDA #46, FTS 39). A link for that won’t be available until Saturday afternoon, however, but keep an eye on the DNN Facebook page and we’ll share it as soon as we have it.

Other Stuff To Watch

There are a couple of events in Portland that should be streamed and could be interesting to watch: home teams the Heartless Heathers face off against the Guns n Rollers on Friday night, while the Wheels of Justice (FTS North America 5) face the LA Derby Dolls (FTS North America 98) on the flat track on Saturday. Rose lost on the bank in LA the day before their contentious loss to Angel City last year, while LADD’s last flat-track outing in the Battle for Los Angeles against Angel was a massive defeat as they really struggled with jammer penalties.

Those games are now sold out, and you can expect to find streams for them here.

Correction: This article originally did not mention the teams entering on Day 2 in the Clover Cup. DNN regrets the error.

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