Weekend Before the World Ends Bout Recap

Dec 15 2012

The Weekend Before the World Ends bout, on December 15th, was the first bout the Mitten Mavens had played since October 20th. That’s almost two months! Some of us did get a little bouting practice in at Black ‘n’ Blue Weekend. However, many others had not felt the pressure of an upcoming bout during that entire period of time. Because of this, the pre-bout nerves and excitement came on strong. On top of the nerves was the fact that we had not previously bouted our opponents, the Traverse City Roller Derby Toxic Cherries. So, even with a strong lineup formed to play in the event, some Mavens could not shake feelings of anxiety.

Despite feeling anxious, the Mavens held together, and we worked as a team in order to combat the Toxic Cherries. This, however, was not an easy bout. During the first period, we were forced to counter the Cherries’ decision to start with their blockers lined up directly in front of the jammer line, which gave them strong defensive positioning. The Mavens managed to stay on top going into the second period, but our almost 30 point lead over the Cherries began to decrease as we approached the end of the bout.

The last jam of the bout was very exciting: the Mavens were leading, and the ideal plan at times like these would have been to obtain lead jammer status, call off the jam, and end the bout with a Maven win. The only issue with this plan was that we started the jam with ONLY ONE MAVEN BLOCKER! As expected in this situation, we did not get lead jammer, but our one blocker was powerful enough to get our jammer through in an unexpectedly short amount of time. The entire two minutes of the jam were skated, and jam points scored for the Cherries were 10 and for the Mavens 12. This resulted a final score of 149 to 133, and another win for the Mitten Mavens!

MVP Blockers: Easy D (TCRD) and Mass Extinction (MMRD)
MVP Jammers: Dimondback Dawn (TCRD) and Hurtin’ Season (MMRD).

The power of the derby girl was demonstrated in many ways from all players at the Weekend Before the World Ends bout. The Cap City Wild Childs also experienced a win over the Atomic Cupcakes, with a final score of 182 to 123.


Lastly, The Mitten Mavens want to send a special thank you to our 4th quarter community partner, the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, for inspiring us to perform well both on and off of the track.




-Hurtin’ Season #8

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