We chat to Brighton’s Obliviator

In between training hard and fighting off seagulls, Brighton Rockers’ own Obliviator takes a few minutes to give us the low down on how she’s feeling in the run up to their away game at Manchester’s George H Carnall centre next Saturday 22 November.


Photograph by John Hesse

Photograph by John Hesse


Hi Obliviator! Can you tell us a little about the history of Brighton Rockers?

Brighton Rockers were formed in Brighton in 2010. Many of our members have been skating with us since the beginning, but we have lots of newer skaters and transfers too. Currently we are ranked 10th in the UK, and we’ve also competed elsewhere in Europe.

What are your expectations for your trip to Manchester this weekend?

Not many of us have been to Manchester before, so that will be exciting in itself – we’ve heard great things about your night life, and apparently you’re our rivals for being the gayest city in Britain! We’ll have to see for ourselves who wins… In terms of the game, we are giving track time to some of our less experienced and newer skaters – we are sure it will be a challenging game which will be great for the non-A team players rostered (myself included!). Personally, I am looking forward to playing with more experienced players on the Rockers team, and against some awesome Manchester players.

Can you tell us about your favourite away game?

Our game against Lille was pretty fun. They were brilliant hosts, and despite playing with only 10 players in a sweaty 30C sports hall (having initially been taken to an outdoor hockey pitch by a confused French taxi driver), we had great fun and learnt loads on track. Plus the after-afterparty was AMAZING. We always win the afterparty. Or after-afterparty.

With 2014 coming to a close, what are the Rockers plans for 2015?

Many and exciting! Primarily we will be competing in the British Champs, which will mean we will meet some teams we’ve played before as well as some we haven’t on track. We are hoping to bring up some of our current non-A team players through this competition: we’ve had a few old hands leave us temporarily recently and some very strong transfers join, so the team will look quite different at the opening of 2015. We are also going to resurrect our B-team, to give less experienced players more track time, and host some great double-headers at our venue.

Are you looking forward to seeing Obliviator kicking butt on track at our next home game? We certainly are! In the meantime you can find out more about her team on their website, facebook and twitter.


Photograph by Mathieu Drouet

Photograph by Mathieu Drouet


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