Walnut Whip - October's Member of the Month

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Walnut Whip, or Whip for short, is rarely seen without a smile on her face... but do not be fooled by her sweet and innocent facade, this double threat skater has a hit so hard that it has earned cult status within our league!

Hard hitting on track and hard working off, behind the scenes Whip keeps our leagues finances in check and makes sure Mansfield Roller Derby keeps rolling smoothly; it is this constant dedication that has earned her the title of Member of the Month.

What is your derby name and number?
My derby name is Walnut Whip and my number is 2401. I'm a Wood Machinist by day and my favourite timber to work with is walnut- the whip part just fitted with derby. My number is number is a homage to my late Mum, it's her birthday (24th January) so it's pretty special to me.

Which position do you play? 
I'd like to think I play all the positions but I like blocking mainly.
PictureWhip meeting her idol Stefanie Mainey
When did you join Mansfield Roller Derby? 
I joined September 2013, I was part of the [Ilkeston] Renegade Rebels before I transferred to Mansfield Roller Derby. I was working near Mansfield and wanted some extra time on skates and MRD allowed me to train with them, and the rest as they say, is history.

Who are your derby heroes?
Easy one- Stefanie Mainey, she's a pivotal player for London, I've been lucky enough to watch LRG in person and they are amazing.

Did you play any sports before Roller Derby?
I used to play all kinds of sports at school but none at a high level - rounders, football, hockey, basketball, tennis.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting involved in Roller Derby?
Do it, get in touch with your local team, don't be scared- everyone started at the same point, just do it.

Walnut Whip in action, against York Minxters in July. Photo, DizzyDreams Photography
Within Mansfield Roller Derby, your name “Walnut Whip” has earned a new meaning… what does it mean to be “Walnut Whipped”?
Haha - this has become somewhat of an 'initiation' for rookies, I can't remember how this came about. It's taking a full on (legal) hit from me on track- I tend to hit a little hard for some people's liking. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your role as league treasurer, what does the job entail?

My role entails me taking attendance and collecting subs, keeping all accounts updated and budgeting, anything money wise I tend to have a hand in it.

Any final words?
It's an exciting time for Mansfield Roller Derby and Roller Derby as a sport- it's truly an amazing sport and I love being part of this team. "Lean, Mean, Purple and Green, ggggooooooo Misfits"

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