WTF 2015 Tour: Big O day 1, Boston & Montreal

We arrived to Eugene on Thursday, the starting day of the Big O tournament, our main goal of spring season 2015. Thursday was a day for resting and traveling from Seattle to Eugene, and on Friday we started our tournament.

HRDs WTF 2015 Tour

An excellent thriller against Boston

Our first opponent was Boston Massacre. The day started with early breakfast at 6:30 AM since the game started already at 10:00. We had high expectations, because we missed Lobster Lady (the mascot of Boston) from ECDX 2014. And oh boy what a disappointment when Lobster Lady didn’t show up!

Feeling was however great before (and during) the game. We had waited for this for so long, we were ready and eager to win.
Boston started strongly. They managed to reach about 30 points gap in a very beginning, but we were not ready to surrender. Half time score was 85-47.

In the second half we started strongly. We were able to take lead in 9 jams in a row, and to leave Boston without any points. Anyhow couple of strong jams from Boston helped them to keep their lead and the final score was 160-148, only 12 points difference! Not bad.

Friday at the Big O

Maiju Rinne, Varpu Knuuttila and Jonna Ojala rocking their new shirts

So close against our favorite team, Montreal New Skids on the Block

The second game of Friday was against the favourite team for many of us, Montreal New Skids on the Block. We were able to take the first lead but Montreal continued strong. They had the point lead all the time but we were right after them. One jam before half time the point difference was only 28 points behind, but half time score was again 124-71.

BigO Day 1: Montreal vs HRD

In the beginning of second half we got the lines back together and played our own strong and calm play. We catched in points, but slowly, since Montreal jammers got out of the pack quickly after our jammers.

We managed to decrease the point difference to only 7 points, but suddenly ended up in penalty trouble. And Montreal was very good in taking advantage of that. Final score 285-175.

We had two true fans in the audience! Thank you so much for rooting for us!

We had two true fans in the audience! Thank you so much for rooting for us!

Text: Maiju, Iiris, Nina & Jori

Photos: TJ Chase Photography

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