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MILWAUKEE, WI – went down this morning, just in time for game one of WFTDA Championships.

We spoke to Double H from, who says that 90% of weekend viewing passes were bought within two hours of the first whistle, overloading the server.

“The 503 errors people were experiencing were because the site was over capacity,” she says. “We had more than 2000 concurrent users on the site, which is big for us.

“We use WordPress and had to work with WP Engine to migrate to a larger server to accommodate the extra traffic.”

Double H says that while WFTDA attempted a load test earlier this week, the numbers that tested paled in comparison to today’s site traffic.

“We had 100 people load test and 2000 hit the site today,” she says.

Looking forward to next year, Double H says, “We are revamping our strategy to accommodate a larger audience. Our sport is growing, and that is amazing, and will be growing to meet the needs of more people tuning in online.”

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