WFTDA bout preview: (23) Grand Raggidy at (8) Detroit


The WFTDA 23rd-ranked Grand Raggidy Roller Girls hope the third time is a charm when they invade the Motor City to play the 8th ranked Detroit Derby Girls on Saturday, May 31. These two teams have played twice before, and Detroit has won both previous meetings. They first played in December 2006 in Detroit, Detroit winning 121-54. The second meeting was in Grand Rapids in May 2007, Detroit winning 105-87 in a much closer game.

In the first meeting, Detroit’s Honey Suckit scored 46 points, Vega Vendetta had 34 pts, and Deadly Dose scored 27. Grand Raggidy was led by Mira Maheiney with 24 points and Dot Matrix with 18. In the second game between the two, Detroit was once again led by Honey Suckit, this time with 33 points, followed by Vega Vendetta with 25 and Killbox with 17. GR’s Mira Maheiney led all jammers with a solid 41 point performance, followed by Make Ya Dizzy Lizzy with 24 and Jackie Daniels with 15 points. That second game between the two clubs was an anomaly as GR had 25 lead jammers to DDG’s 11, although Detroit still managed to outscore GR.

Grand Raggidy is paced by their jammer threesome of Mira Maheiney, Jackie Daniels, and Dot Matrix. Look for Racey Wreck’Hell to get some jams wearing the star, also perhaps look for The Vindicator and Javelin to jam some too. Blocking should be led by Bette Mangler, Angie Warhaul, Terrorhawk, and the undersized, overperforming Tone Loco, who gives hits as if she were twice her actual size. Jackie Daniels and Javelin are also fierce blockers when not jamming. Also watch out for Lindsay Blowhan, Lucy Morals, O Yeah!, and Viva La BOOM.

Detroit’s offense is of course led by Racer McChaseHer, who did not play in either of the first two games versus Grand Raggidy. Detroit has the luxury of having many experienced jammers to pick from, so GR can’t concentrate on just stopping Racer. DDG has the “old reliable” experienced jammers Honey Suckit and Killbox, plus the “new breed” jammers Effin’ Money and Polly Fester to choose from. Not to mention Kat Von D’Stroya can jam effectively, as well as Cookie Rumble and Elle McFearsome. Even Del Bomber and Roxanna Hardplace have experience wearing the star.

Detroit’s defense is anchored by the solid Cookie Rumble who leads a talented, hard-nosed group of blockers in Bikini Killer, Del Bomber, Elle McFearsome, Fatal Femme, Killbox, Summers Eve-L, and Vicious Vixen. Not to mention that Racer McChaseHer plays excellent defense when she’s not jamming plus Roxanna and Kat can block when not jamming.

The game should be a good one as each team has a core of veterans and a blend of newer skaters. Watch for speedy jammers, lots of hard hitting, and then lots of “derby love” after the game when both teams go to the after party together. These two teams know each other well as a fair number of skaters on each team have skated together in various tournaments and as the “Mitten Kittens,” not to mention the skaters like to scout their opposition frequently.

The game is in the Drill Hall at the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit, MI. Doors open at 6pm, skates roll at 7pm. More info at

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