WFTDA Releases Rankings; Gotham shock #1


Today WFTDA released the first results of their mathematical ranking calculator, for games up to the end of February. While DNN #1 Gotham’s position at #1 surprises no-one, there are a few surprising entries further down.

DNN #2 Oly, previously 1W and second-placed finishers at Championships in 2012 and 2011 find themselves below DNN #3 Denver at 2 WFTDA. Another ranking surprise from the West is provided by DNN #8 Rat City — the previous 5W team find themselves ranked 7 WFTDA, three places higher than 4W and DNN #13 Rose City.

The old North Central teams provide the next surprises. While the previous 1 and 2 ranked teams in the region–DNN #6 Windy City (6 WFTDA) and DNN #10 Minnesota (8 WFTDA)–take the highest spots from the region, the next two go to 5NC, DNN #16 Detroit (11 WFTDA) and 8NC, DNN #24 Arch Rival (13 WFTDA).

Two four-ranked teams also take a bit of a tumble and find themselves oddly tied for 23 WFTDA (4E, DNN #12 London and 4NC, DNN #21 Ohio). The top 40 as it currently stands features 37 of the teams to play in regionals last year; DC, Dutchland and Tallahassee all miss out, while Jet City, Victorian and Terminal City make it to 35, 37 and 39. This means that the top 40 comprises 13 teams from the West region, 10 from the North Central, 9 from the South Central and 8 from the East. Also, the top 25 features 24 of DNN’s Power Ranked Top 25 — DNN #25 Carolina don’t make WFTDA’s top 25, but Wasatch do. You can see the full list of rankings as published on WFTDA’s website.

The highest entry by a previously unranked team is Gainesville who debut at 51 WFTDA; no other team debuts inside the top 100. One final thing to note is the omission of the Choice City Rebels, who were 30W under the old system. Now describing themselves as “Northern Colorado’s only co-ed roller derby league and soon to be the home of Colorado’s only banked track”, and no longer listed on WFTDA’s member leagues page, it seems they have left the organisation in the interim.

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