WFTDA Releases Official 2010 Q4 Rankings


The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association today released its official regional rankings for the fourth quarter of 2010, covering action played between mid-October 2010 and December 31, 2010. (Last year, the third quarter ranking period was extended a couple of weeks beyond the normal cutoff date to accommodate the early-October West and South Central region playoffs).

WFTDA’s official rankings are determined by the votes of the member leagues, are released quarterly and are regional rather than national. 2nd quarter rankings serve to determine which teams are invited to the four WFTDA regional tournaments, with the top 10 from each region scoring an invitation.

With relatively little action happening in the final quarter of 2010 and no regional upsets occurring at the 2010 WFTDA Championship, the rankings are fairly stable since last time, with most movement happening beyond the top ten in each region.


In the West, things are stable all the way down to the #14 slot, as previous #18 Emerald City comes up on the strengths of convincing wins over Central Coast (160-109) and Lava City (174-47). They also defeated Sin City 205-71 in January, after the conclusion of the ranking period, and have built a 5-1 record since their first WFTDA game, a 174-109 loss to Central Coast at last year’s Wild West Showdown. Emerald will get a good shot at cracking the top 10 when they face off against current #10 Pikes Peak at this year’s WWS in early March.

New WFTDA member Sonoma County debuts impressively, as they’ve only been in the organization since December 1, 2010 but come on the list at #15. (UPDATE: Never mind.) Bellingham inches a bit forward by moving from #21 to #18; all the rest of the teams either hold steady or drop.

One question mark is Duke City’s current status; last year, WFTDA announced that Duke City (and the North Central’s Omaha) would be moving to the South Central region as of November 8, 2010, but both leagues are still listed as being with their previous regions. With Duke currently sitting at #11, that would be one less spot to hop for all of the teams that missed last year’s regional tournaments. (UPDATE: WFTDA clarifies that the switch doesn’t actually take effect until Q1 2011.)

North Central

The North Central has the only movement in the top ten of any region. 1-5 hold steady, but there’s some minor shuffling in 6-10, as current #6 Naptown switches places with current #7 North Star and current #9 Chicago Outfit switches with current #10 Omaha — although, as noted above, Omaha is scheduled to move to the South Central. Arch Rival currently still places one spot out of the top ten, so they currently have the most to gain from Omaha’s impending departure.

There’s no movement below the #10 spot in the NC rankings.

South Central

Like the West region, the South Central doesn’t see any movement until the rankings get into the teens, and the moves are fairly minimal — Tallahassee moves up one to #13, and Dixie moves up one to #14. West Texas is displaced by both, going from #13 to #15, and Assassination City is the only other team to improve their standing with a move from #18 to #16.


The East region is completely static this quarter, with not a single team moving in any direction.

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