WFTDA Releases March Rankings


WFTDA has released its March 2014 rankings, and despite a number of games dropping off teams’ 12-month score, placings remain largely stable.

The top 13 WFTDA teams remain completely unchanged since November (Gotham is #1, etc etc). Meanwhile, a few minor changes in the top 20 see Steel City rise four places from 18 to 14, Montreal drops two places from 15 to 17, and Philly and Minnesota drop one place a piece, finding themselves in 15 and 18 respectively.

A handful of teams in the first division have traded spots, but outside of these minor changes, this month’s rankings aren’t of much note for the playoff picture thanks to a lack of action in the first two months of the year.

Almost all of the bouts from the recent Wild West Showdown–which saw the likes of Boulder City, Junction City and Calgary complete their ranking requirements–aren’t included in this update, so you’ll have to wait until mid-May to see exactly how those teams will fit into the playoff picture.

Rage City are the big winners; they started the year in D3 lurking at 102; they are now threatening the D2 playoff places in 70. Demolition City also see a significant jump; they’re now up at 56 having moved up 19 since the new year. The biggest loser this period are the Springfield Rollergirls; they drop 31 places to 141 (d’oh).

You can see all the changes from top to bottom on our new Rankings Page, showing all the movement up and down the listing.

Five teams make ranking debuts this month, while none drop off. The debutantes are Assault City (100), Cen-Tex (131), Ventura County (135), Cedar Valley (157) and Paris (165).

That release is likely to feature changes as last year’s early season games age out and we see a couple of major events and signifcant single bouts. The weekend of April 12-13, for instance sees #6 Angel City, #2 Bay Area, #5 Denver, and #37 Terminal City face off in Los Angeles at the Tinseltown showdown, while #7 London, #9 Rocky, #29 Toronto and #30 Detroit face off in London before the season proper starts in earnest in the first weekend of May with Beach Brawl and The Big O.

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