WFTDA Re-locates Lincoln Playoff to Salt Lake City


WFTDA today announced a change to the Division 1 playoff schedule for this year.

Lincoln’s Pershing Center is, it transpires, closing this year, and so will not be able to accommodate the playoff tournament planned to be held there from September 12-14.

Attempts to find an alternative venue in Lincoln failed, and so Wasatch Roller Derby will be taking over hosting duties from No Coast, and a playoff will now be held on the weekend of September 26-28 in Salt Lake City, UT.

This means that the new schedule is as follows:

September 5-7: Sacramento, CA
September 12-14: No tournament!
September 19-21: Evansville, IN
September 26-28: Salt Lake City, UT
October 3-5: Charleston, WV

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