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News and discussion about the WFTDA ranking system has been flying around for a few days now, but WFTDA put out an official release today, along with some new sections on their web site with tons of stats and interleague bout info. Read on for the press release….

US – December 11, 2006 – The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), the nation’s first all-female, skater-owned & operated roller derby association, debuted national rankings and statistics in their continuing efforts to standardize and support flat- track roller derby. The comprehensive, experience-derived Divisions of Play, Official Rankings, and Inter-league Bout Statistics rank all WFTDA member leagues in the US, with implications for 2007 tournament play.

Game Divisions: Flat-track roller derby is a young sport, in which every bout ramps up the ability of skaters and teams. WFTDA created three divisions, based on member leagues’ regulation bouting experience. Leagues are also classified according to region, with all member leagues east of the Mississippi River in the Eastern Regional Division, and west in the Western Regional Division. The regions and divisions will affect inter-league challenges, WFTDA ranking and tournament planning & organization. Divisions are published on the WFTDA website at:

Official Rankings: WFTDA member leagues update Division One and Two league rankings quarterly, based on experience and regulation bout statistics. After considerable review, discussion, comparison and debate, each WFTDA member league submits their ranking order, with majority results determining the national standings. The hotly contested initial rankings can be found at:

Inter-league Bout Statistics: The comprehensive Inter-league Bout Statistics may be viewed in summary format or by league breakdown at:

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is proud to announce these milestones in their continuing efforts to promote and foster women’s flat track roller derby. "It was a more complex task than we initially realized," said Zoe ‘Whiskey Mick’ O’Reilly, a Tucson Roller Derby skater who serves on the WFTDA Games Committee, "and the work continues today. But inter-league bouting is the next step in the evolution of this sport on a national scale, so we take this very seriously." WFTDA is currently creating standard process for referee certification, and standardizing statistics and game results reporting.

About the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association: Founded in 2004, the WFTDA promotes and fosters the sport of women’s flat track roller derby by facilitating the development of athletic ability, sportswomanship, and goodwill among member leagues. The governing philosophy is "by the skaters, for the skaters." Women skaters are primary owners, managers, and operators of each member league and of the coalition. Operational tasks include setting standards for rules, seasons, and safety, and determining guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions of member leagues. All member leagues have a voice in the decision- making process, and agree to comply with the governing body’s policies.

For more info about the WFTDA, and flat track roller derby, please contact Denise "Ivanna S. Pankin" of the Sin City Rollergirls at (702) 413-2227 or

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