WFTDA Bout Recap: (24) Grand Raggidy 154, (38) Brewcity 41


GRAND RAPIDS, MI — WFTDA’s 38th-ranked Brewcity Bruisers traveled from Milwaukee to Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Saturday, May 17, but hosting, 24th-ranked Grand Raggidy presented them with the short end of a 154-41 beatdown in a game played at Rivertown Sports.

Grand Raggidy was in control from the first jam to the last, jumping out to a 51-13 lead by the end of the first period and extending the lead to 97-32 after two. Penalties were assessed early and often, with Brewcity racking up 100 minor and 5 major penalties while Grand Raggidy was whistled for 71 minors and 2 majors. Of the 43 total jams in the game, Grand Raggidy got lead jammer in 31 jams, while Brewcity got only 7 leads.

During pre-bout warmups, it looked like the teams might be more evenly matched than proved to be the case. Brewcity had a few “plus sized” blockers that appeared quite fearsome, along with some agile and zippy jammers who could speed around the track. Grand Raggidy was also without Dot Matrix, a quite capable jammer. But when the game started, Grand Raggidy’s superior defense and strategy left the visitors always a step behind.

1st Period

Mira Maheiney started the skates rolling for Grand Raggidy in jam 1, besting Brewcity’s Romaniac 8-4. Then Grand Raggidy shut out BC by a combined total of 16-0 in the next four jams to lead 24-4 and the rout was on. BC’s Romaniac did score an impressive 5-0 grand slam win in jam 6, followed by BC’s Cookie Ciano winning jam 7 by 4-0 to put the score at 24-13 for Grand Raggidy, but that was all of Brewcity’s scoring for the rest of the period. Brewcity was shut out in the final 9 jams while Grand Raggidy ran up 34 more points to close the period at 58-13.

Along the way, GR’s Jackie Daniels, Racey Wreck’Hell, and Mira Maheiney each scored a grand slam. In the period’s 16 jams, Grand Raggidy got 12 lead jammers to only 2 for BC. Mira Maheiney was the leading scorer with 25 points in 5 jams in the period.

By the end of the first 20 minutes, it was becoming noticeable that Brewcity’s blockers were mostly not looking back for oncoming Grand Raggidy jammers. Many times GR’s jammers were able to just weave their way past unaware blockers without getting engagement from those blockers at all. There wasn’t too team defense from Brewcity; not many walls, no “swarming” defense, etc.

It also appeared some of the Brewcity jammers were intimidated at times. They would take a hard hit from a Grand Raggidy blocker, and then would drop back a bit, seemingly looking for some offensive blocks that didn’t materialize, but sometimes they didn’t really make a challenge to the blockers again on that jam.

2nd Period

Jackie Daniels opened the 2nd period for Grand Raggidy with a 7-0 grand slam, followed by another Grand Raggidy 5-0 slam by Javelin. Jams 3 & 4 were won by Grand Raggidy by a combined 7-6 score, but then BC’s offense stalled again, only scoring 2 points in the next four jams to GR’s 16. The highlight of the period for Brewcity came in jam 9 when Cookie Ciano scored a 10-0 double grand slam over Lucy Morals. That boosted Brewcity’s output to 31 points, although Grand Raggidy had 93 points at that time.

Brewcity did manage to put the brakes on a bit as the period concluded, as Grand Raggidy only outscored BC 4-1 in the last four jams of the period, with each team getting shut out in three of those jams. The second period would prove to be Brewcity’s best, as Grand Raggidy only outscored Brewcity 39-19 in the period, leaving the score at Grand Raggidy 97, Brewcity 32. Grand Raggidy got 7 leads out of the 13 jams, while BC got 3 leads.

3rd Period

Things got considerably worse for Brewcity in the 3rd period, though, as they were only able to put 9 points on the board while Grand Raggidy exploded for 53 more.

Mira Maheiney, who didn’t jam at all in the 2nd period, started things off for Grand Raggidy with a 10-0 double grand slam. After a 4-0 win for Racey Wreck’Hell for Grand Raggidy, Mira had a 5-0 slam win followed by a 9-0 slam win for Racey. Then Javelin scored a 4-0 win for Grand Raggidy in jam 5, so in the first five jams of the 3rd period Grand Raggidy had acked up a 32-0 advantage. Grand Raggidy then scored only 8 points in the next 5 jams, getting shut out in three of those jams, but BC could only muster 3 points by Fly Girl in that span. In fact, Brewcity was shutout in 9 of the first 10 jams of the 3rd period, the string only broken by that 3-0 jam for Fly Girl. Jackie Daniels got another 10-0 double grand slam in jam 13, and then in the final jam, jam 14, Cookie Ciano scored a 5-0 jam win for Brewcity to close the game out at Grand Raggidy 150, Brewcity 41. In the period Grand Raggidy got 12 leads to 2 for BC.

The main gameplay element that stood out by the end of the bout was Grand Raggidy’s total domination of lead jammer status. Grand Raggidy had the lead jammer edge 31-7, and the Grand Raggidy jammers consistently made the most of that. If the BC jammer was coming around to score, the Grand Raggidy jammers would almost universally get their 4 points after passing through the pack and then quickly call the jam to prevent any BC scoring. If, on the other hand, the Grand Raggidy jammer noticed the BC jammer still stuck in the pack, the Grand Raggidy jammer would go around for another scoring pass before calling the jam.

Another thing that stood out was BC’s getting called for 100 minor penalties in the game. That had to hurt them. Perhaps getting called for so many penalties may have caused some of their skaters to hold back a little defensively to try and stay out of that box.


Jackie Daniels of Grand Raggidy was the leading scorer of the game with 47 points while jamming 12 times with 9 leads and 4 grand slams. Mira Maheiney also had a fine game jamming with 44 points in 9 jams with 7 leads and 4 slams.

Other Grand Raggidy jammers were: Racey Wreck’Hell (28 pts, 9 jams, 5 leads, 2 slams); Javelin (17 pts, 6 jams, 6 leads, 1 slam); Viva LaBoom (14 pts, 4 jams, 2 leads); Lucy Morals (4 pts, 2 jams, 1 lead); Lindsay Blowhan (0 pts, 1 jam, 1 lead).

Although it was a rough night for the Brewcity jammers, Cookie Ciano played a good game with the jammer star for Brewcity. She was BC’s leading scorer with 24 points in 12 jams. She also had 3 lead jammers and scored 3 grand slams.

BC’s Romaniac started well in the 1st period with 9 points in 4 jams, but was taken out of heavy rotation in the subsequent periods, only jamming twice in the 2nd (for 1 more point) and not at all in the 3rd period.

Other Bruisers jammers were Fly Girl (3 pts, 4 jams); Rejected Seoul (3 pts, 11 jams, 3 leads); Jackie O’Nihilate (1 pt, 5 jams, 1 lead); Grace Killy (0 pts, 1 jam); The Eviscerator (0 pts, 2 jams); Fidela Castrate (0 pts, 2 jams).

Brewcity next plays a non-WFTDA bout against the Chicago Outfit on June 1, and then battles a relative newcomer to the WFTDA scene, the currently unranked Tampa Bay Derby Darlins — that action goes down on June 21 in Milwaukee.

Grand Raggidy next goes up against their state rival, 8th-ranked Detroit, in an away game on May 31. Detroit has won the two previous meetings between the squads.

Photos: Colin J

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