WFTDA 2007 Conference in New Orleans


Read on for the official press release from the WFTDA regarding their 2007 Annual Meeting. We at are ecstatic to see that homegirl Crackerjack of the MRD has been elected President!


The 2007 WFTDA Annual Meeting was a gathering of many talented and dedicated representatives from member leagues across the US. Twenty-nine of thirty-nine member leagues were represented, and this year’s meeting saw an historic first – a referee meeting in which approximately 20 WFTDA leagues were represented by their officials! Over three long days of general sessions, committee meetings, elections and votes, much was determined about the future of our organization and the sport of flat track derby that will allow for continued and sustainable long-term growth into the future.

We are proud to announce one of the results of this long weekend’s work: the election of our new WFTDA President, Crackerjack of the Mad Rollin Dolls, of Madison Wisconsin. Hydra of Texas Roller Girls will continue to serve WFTDA as Past President, and we look forward to both Presidents’ nurturing and guidance of our sport and the WFTDA this year!

The hard – working women and men that gave so much this weekend will continue to develop and guide our sport with a unified vision. The collective years of derby experience in the rooms was impressive, and the willingness to share such a deep knowledge base was inspiring. WFTDA will continue its long-standing tradition of cooperative works for the common good of not just our organization, but all flat-track derby leagues, built on a foundation of meetings like NoCon 2007. Look for exciting news and information to come from WFTDA working committees soon!

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