WCR Wins Two, Loses Two in Detroit

The Windy City Rollers and the Detroit Derby Girls are both founding members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and both have storied histories. The All-Star teams of these two leagues have met just five times in regular season play–with WCR winning all five of those matchups.

The last bout between these two was back in October 2013, and WCR won 240-127. But a lot has changed since then. Of the skaters rostered in that bout, only Ashley “Killanois” Perrin was back on the track. Detroit, on the other hand, returned about half their roster.

The WCR All-Stars got off to a quick lead with strong jams. Detroit got a power jam but was held to just one scoring pass. After several jams, WCR had a 28-8 lead. Detroit caught up with a big jam from Feta Sleeze, but Perrin kept WCR within striking distance. However, a 29-point jam put Detroit ahead 67-37, and they never looked back. At the end of the bout, Detroit was ahead 263-70. Zoe Trocious was the Most Valuable Jammer and Legal Tenderizer was the Most Valuable Blocker.

Before the All-Star battle, Second Wind faced off against a strong Detroit B squad–including a former All-Star who played in that October 2013 bout. Hat Trixxxie, in her first bout since breaking her leg last fall, put the first points up on the board for Second Wind, but Detroit already had 27. The Second Wind jammer rotation continued to add to WCR’s point total, but Detroit’s jammers were unstoppable. At the half, Detroit was ahead 142-38. Second Wind came out strong in the second half and were keeping pace with Detroit’s points. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, and the Motor City Disassembly Line won 221-103. Hat Trixxxie was the Most Valuable Jammer and Christian Mangle was the Most Valuable Blocker.

On Sunday, both Second Wind and the All-Stars had a chance for redemption. And they both took it. The Windy City Rollers took on the Toronto All-Stars and the Bay Street Bruisers in a closed bout in Detroit on Sunday.

Second Wind came out strong against the Bay Street Bruisers for a 67-41 lead at the half. Both teams picked up steam in the second half, but Second Wind held on for a 163-112 victory.

The All-Stars also came on strong–and never let up. Toronto managed to snag just a few lead jammer statuses in the first half while the WCR All-Stars jammers made getting through the pack look easy. At the half, WCR was up 167-22. The second half was a continuation of the tough packs and fast jamming from WCR. At the end of 60 minutes, WCR won 307-52. The last time the WCR All-Stars scored over 300 was in 2014 against Toronto in the 2014 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs.

It was a great weekend of derby in Detroit. The WCR All-Stars are 2-1 on the season and will head to the Big O in under two weeks. Second Wind is also 2-1 on the season and will head to the B-Cup Tournament this weekend.

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