Vice Squad – Annual Review 2014

Croydon Roller Derby; oh what a year it has been! Let’s take a look back at the adventures throughout 2014 of CRD’s beloved B team – Vice Squad.

We started 2014 with only one public win under our belts and some fierce competition for the coming year. To kick things off we met Milton Keynes’ The Udder Team on track at the end of January. It was an exciting double header where both Croydon teams sealed an impressive victory. The party bus home was hilarious….you really missed out! Then back on dat coach in March for another double-header; this time to face Central City Rollergirls in Birmingham. Both Croydon teams debuted their HOT new bout tops courtesy of Queens of the Sin Bin (see us looking glamorous below) and Vice Squad took a close win over CCR’s Slaybelles.

Our next mammoth challenge took the form of flying / floating the entire team and referee crew over to Belfast Roller Derby in Northern Ireland to play in May. The games themselves were exciting and hard fought, with both CRD teams flying a win back to Croydon. Much post-game booze and after-partying was had with some of Bevlam’s infamous pub-party games for good measure. Flying home the next day was not so pleasant for a select few [Toxic Frosting].

Vice Squad in Belfast

Vice Squad then had a few months away from public game play as we readied ourselves for Eastbourne Extreme’s Roller Derby Tournament in July. With Riot Squad as reigning tournament champions for two consecutive years, there was obviously not much pressure on Vice Squad to perform. Before we knew it 12/07/14 was upon us. Our first game resulted in favour of London Rockin’ Roller’s B team. BUT do not fear! Our bench coach Herbie Licious gave us an inspiring speech, the summer sun smiled down on us, and three superb games later we were crowned TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS for a third year running!


And then it became autumn and a very different Vice Squad stepped onto the track to play Portsmouth Roller Wenches B Team. Injuries and transfers saw some new faces compete in what would be one of the most intense and close-called games that the rising B team has ever played. Vice Squad left with a very narrow win and the realisation that we needed to go back to basics and build on our teamwork and togetherness.

The final games of the year came in the shape of international teams flying over for a visit. Both Roller Derby Madrid and Caen Roller Derby were exceptional teams who gave Vice Squad a big run for their roller derby money. Vice took the win over Madrid and then a loss to Caen.


Our squad ends the year in a different shape than it started. We have travelled up and down the country to play roller derby and score some points. Some of our key players deservedly moved up to Riot Squad, other beloved veterans were taken by injury, family priorities and relocation. BUT we scored some talented ladies by means of rising stars from the CRD rookie program. We may have finished up with a loss but we did it as a team and are ready for all the glorious challenges that 2015 holds.

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