Bay Area Fells Angel, 300-81


LOS ANGELES, CA–Having last met at Western regionals back in 2011 (Bay Area triumphing 227 to Angel City’s 70), but each having experienced a huge rise through the WFTDA rankings in the interim, this game was always going to be an interesting test of current rankings, especially given the score that Bay Area had pulled against Denver the day before.

Once again, Bay Area played a very physical game, with Angel City’s team’s physical solidity rivaling their opponents. Meaning that the jammers rewarded were those with the sheer power to push through walls – Nock Nock (Bay Area) and Satan’s Little Helper (Angel City), in particular, with usual blocker and gameplay heavy-lifter Rachel Rotten taking a notable two jams with the star to vocal crowd approval. Demanda Riot proved again her fondness for strong rear starting walls, and Bay Area seemed to have a clear policy of keeping their pivots as key blockers, and never as alternate jammers. In the end, the sheer physical presence of Bay Area outweighed their opposition, 300-81. The point advantage didn’t put them off scrupulous point-checking throughout the game, however.

This game was fascinating for the adaptive game play that Angel City exhibited, with usual core jammer Cris Dobbins frequently in pivot position and blocking roles. In several impressive moves, usual core pivot Laci Knight wielded the much smaller and less penalized Dobbins battering-ram style to arrest a jammer in her tracks. Heavy early penalties for many key Angel City blockers meant that those with lower penalty histories began to be used as blocking pawns for those with higher penalties.

First jammer line-up is Cris v Chantilly Mace, and though Chantilly was felled to the outside, and calls halfway through her first scoring pass, she put three points up for the first of the game. A rapid-fire second jam, called before Chica could score pushed the score to 5-0, making it 4mins into the game, and jam 4, before Angel City could add in their first point, 9-1. A penalty-heavy rest of the period for Angel City took us to half-time with 125-53 for Bay Area.

Mickispeedia against Nock Nock jamming first jam back gave us the beginning of the new period, but a recycle back for Nock Nock forced her out and into an illegal re-entry, which handed Mickispeedia a brief power jam before her own penalty switched the advantage.

In the final 6 minutes of the game, Angel City burned their final time-out as the score stood at 251-81 to Bay Area, canceling that option to stretch the game any further. But Bay Area kept control, and continued to add points into the final minutes, adding in 175:28 points for the second half, and winding up at 300:81 final for the game.

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