Under the Helmet: Interview with Jan Trainor

jan-trainorBy the time Jan Trainor stepped on the track in a Windy City Rollers uniform in 2014, she had seven years of roller derby experience under her helmet.

And while the derby world might have been familiar with her incredible on-skates agility, they might not have been familiar with her name. That’s because, during her tenure with The Chicago Outfit, Trainor skated and coached as Queefer Sutherland. When she decided to switch to the Windy City Rollers, she also decided to drop the derby name. “I needed a change,” she says. “I needed to work on myself and be challenged in different ways. I’ve found that at WCR.”

Trainor made the WCR All-Stars roster during her first tryout and was drafted to the Manic Attackers home team in April 2014. This year, Trainor used the home season to work on skills she doesn’t usually get to work on during the travel team season -- like blocking. And, she says, having that blocking experience will make her a better jammer during the travel season. “Doing both makes you stronger at both,” she says. “And I want to be a double threat on the track.”

Trainor has already proven herself as a formidable All-Star jammer. In the WCR All-Stars’ last game before the WFTDA Championship tournament last year, Trainor had a huge bout and helped lead the team to an upset of the Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars.

This year’s WCR All-Star team is a different spin on the same team, she says. Many of the blockers on the 2015 WCR All-Star team skated with each other on Second Wind last year, while many of the jammers on the team are returning skaters. But Trainor has no doubt, the WCR All-Stars will continue to be a threat in WFTDA Division 1 play. “The ultimate goal is always to get to Championships,” she says.

And the WCR All-Stars will start on the path to the WFTDA Championships this Saturday at the Lombard Roller Rink (201 W. 22nd St.) for the first travel team bout of the season. The WCR All-Stars will take on Des Moines’ Team United Roller Derby All-Stars, and Second Wind will take on Team United's Blue Ribbon Bullies. Tickets are available online - seating is limited, so advance purchase is highly recommended to guarantee entry!


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