USARS Cancels Playoffs


The USA Roller Sports Roller Derby Committee today announced a last-minute “restructuring” of its 2014 tournament calendar: it is cancelling its regional qualifying tournaments and will only run a championship tournament this year.

The first of these tournaments–a combined event for Regions 3 and 4–was meant to be in Chicago from July 12-13, with the Region 2 qualifier the following weekend in Merced, CA. The Region 3/4 event was relocated to Chicago in May after circumstances meant it could no longer held in Texas.

Announcing the cancellation of the tournaments, USARS said: “For this year, the Committee has decided to cancel the Regional Qualifiers and concentrate on the National Championship, allowing the teams to reduce their travel and competition expenses.

“Many teams reported that travel costs were an issue this year, as attendance at games has decreased all across the country,” they continued.

It went on: “Additionally, the increasing number of roller derby events during this time of the year has caused conflicts and extra expenses for some clubs and players. The Committee will reassess last year’s decision to move the Regional Qualifiers from September to the Summer, and will attempt to address some of the challenges present this season.

“The Roller Derby committee plans to meet soon to discuss requirements for teams to participate in the National Championship,” they concluded.

The National Championship is still scheduled for September 26-28 in Stockton, CA.

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