USARS Announces Rules Beta Testing


Apparently responding to criticism of recent gameplay, USARS has announced a round of beta testing for their next roller derby ruleset.

Certain of the changes will look familiar to players using the WFTDA ruleset–perhaps most notably, USARS plans to combat the much-criticised ‘runaway pussy’ phenomenon with a penalty called ‘Out of Range’, to be assessed when more than 20 feet separates the two teams and skaters make no effort to reform a pack. The other option can only be described as nuclear: when 20 feet separate the two teams, the jam will be whistled dead by the head referee.

Blocking zones and postures have been amended to prevent chicken-winging and 0-0 jams will be eliminated by requiring the lead jammer to pass at least one opposing blocker before calling off the jam. Shorter penalty times, a yielding option for track cuts, and changes to penalty box procedure are also under review.

USARS will release their next rules update in January 2014.

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