UF student uses photography to explore the life of a Roller Rebel

Take a peek into the life of one of our skaters, Angrilla #RX8, with the help of UF Photography student, Destiny Johnson. Destiny explains that she is,

a senior photojournalism student at the University of Florida and for my final photo class I was given the assignment to do a photo documentary on a singular person or relationship. For my sources I generally look to people and activities that are considered “out of the norm.” That is what brought me to derby, a sport that is known for it’s pro-feminist attitude and kick ass women. I was drawn to Angrilla because when introducing herself she was so thorough and open about both her her derby and personal life. With this project I really wanted to show the dichotomy found in women who participate in derby. I wanted to tell a really honest story about one person doing the things they do in their every day lives. It might sound boring but these are the ways that we connect with people, by understanding how they operate.”

The images presented in this gallery are taken from Destiny’s project, featuring different aspects of Angrilla’s life – from derby to her home to the loss of a dear friend.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek Scrimmage Wrapping up a previous injury Discovered how slippery the floor was: wheel change Cats and Dogs Scrimmage Bench Que Carb loading at Micky D's Hunting in the black hole Our last walk together Hachi's last Dinner out We spent most of the time on the floor his last couple of days Morning routine, rolling up  the makeshift bed Comforting Hachi



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