Turtles and Bees Kick-started the New Season in Stockholm


The victorious Queen B’s go “Woop woop”! Photo by Marko Niemelä.

Solnahallen bathed in sun and children played in the park on a beautiful Saturday in Stockholm, when both Bees and Turtles met their old rivals in games that surely showed their sunny attitude, but were no child’s play for anyone  – not even for the dedicated Stockholm fans, that filled the venue with their diligent cheers. The announcers (dressed as impressive Little Mys) spoke the truth: Finskar spelar väldigt arg! = Finns play very angry! (Or that’s what I think they said at least…)

Bees Won as a Team

HRD Queen B’s faced Stockholm BSTRDs for the third time. Expectations were high: Bees had claimed the victory two times, but as usual, never with this exact roster. It was also the very first game for their new bench coach, Aki and his sidekick for this game, Turo (or as you might know them, Urpo Kekkonen and Tigre Force).

Bees got a strong start to the game by taking leads from the first few jams, and BSTRDs jammer penalties made it easier to gain a nice head start. Because of the great start, the Bees got probably a bit too relaxed, as BSTRDs really showed what they are made of during the next jams -after a very justified and smart team time out the Bees were able to pull their socks up and gain again control over the game for the end of the first period, which ended with 83-131 to Bees.

In the beginning of the second period BSTRDs showed that Bees really cannot “take it easy”, as they played very physical game, had tough 3D-walls and good offence, and especially their bad ass jammer Maid4Pain (#42) seemed absolutely uncontrollable. Bees had amazing individual performances as well: jamming Raivo (#12) and her adorable smile shined brightly, and Witty Vega (#257), Cisse (#23), Henska (#72) and Salla Karjalainen (#90) managed to lock the BSTRD jammers behind their butts very tightly more than once.

An unfortunate injury ended the game for Fisu (#7) on the second half. She had been out for some time due to an injury on the first half, and while she showed some great performance after returning to the field, it didn’t last long and she had to sit out for the rest of the game. Despite the changes applied to the lineups, the Bees were able to build up the difference in points with their stable walls and solid teamwork, and claimed their third win over the BSTRDs with scores 158-257.

Turtles had to work hard to stop Stockholm Allstars' jammer Mad Malooney. Photo by Marko Niemelä

Turtles working hard to stop Stockholm Allstars’ jammer Mad Malooney.
Photo by Marko Niemelä

Turtles Fought Bravely Against the Strong Swedes

Helsinki All Star (Ninja Turtles) have faced Stockholm Allstars many times during the Scandinavian derby history. Roughly a year ago Stockholm won Turtles with 281-136 points, whereas in the spring 2013 Turtles won Stockholm in Skate Odyssey tournament with 203-168 in a very tough and even game. An exciting and even game was thus anticipated!

Stockholm took control of the game in the very beginning by gaining leads and scoring points evenly. Stockholm Allstars blockers played a very physical game and showed extremely strong walls. Mad Malooney (#22) was without a doubt the shining crown jewel of the Stockholm Allstars: those long legs took her through the tough Turtle shells with unbelievable speed and accuracy.

Stockholm Allstars rotated Helsinki’s jammers behind the pack over and over again, which must have been very wearing for the brave and enduring Turtle-jammers. The bench team (Suvi Hokkari and Anna Miettinen) tried to push Turtles past the rock-hard Stockholm walls with all the cards they had in hand: Pygmi (#101), Mirkkuli (#156) and Raivo (#12) (who had already jammed a solid and nearly flawless game with the Bees) seemed to be the most successful ones, and even though lead status was often unreachable, they were able to catch the Stockholm jammers quickly, which also proved the effectiveness of the feared Turtles offence. Things got even harder for the Turtles, as Deadbeat Debbie (#88) had to give up on jamming due to a back injury half way through the first half. Furthermore, one valuable jammer card was missing altogether from the deck, as Super Maria was absent. Some brilliant blocking moves were seen, and especially Sara Mack-Eh? (#604), Linda (#96) and Blocking Molly (#39) handled the speedy Stockholm jammers like bosses.

“Stockholms greatest strength was their team play. They managed to take advantage of our mistakes. This was the first game for us with this roster and these line-ups. These changes will take some more time and practise to adjust. It was the first game of the season, and we will now start building a more functional and ambitious team for the upcoming games”, bench coach Hokkari comments the game.

The game ended 284-130 to Stockholm, almost the same score as in fall 2013 – so, if we learn from history, the next game shall be for the Turtles again! Hopefully we will see this thriller soon enough.

 – Jabba the Hott

Final scores:

Stockholm BSTRDs – Helsinki Queen B’s: 158 – 257

Stockholm Allstars – Helsinki All-Stars Ninja Turtles: 284 -130


For more photos of the games, visit Punkmarko’s webpage!

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