Track Queens: Stockholm Denies Glasgow, 205-134


BERLIN, GERMANY–After the first three games had all resulted in upsets, Stockholm started their bout against Glasgow with reason to worry about the tournament six seeds–but while a 73-4 run from Glasgow towards the end of the first period showed they had reason to worry, it was the Swedes who ended up comfortable 205-134 winners after a dominant second-half display.

It was Mad Maloony who got the first points on the board, and she gave Crime City a 4-0 lead inside the first minute as her pack held Marshall Lawless at the back but Sarah McMillan tied it up in the very next jam.

Megan Hyndman got tied up by Stockholm’s Swede Hurt for the full two minutes in the next jam, though, letting Emma Ryssfemma put up a 9-0. After a back-and-forth few jams, Marshall Lawless was on her way to giving Glasgow a lead with Juana La Loca stuck behind Chemikill Hazard, but she hit the box and was followed by three Glasgow blockers in quick succession.

That let Juana make the Stockholm lead 28-12 before Polygamy Winehouse lined up with only two Glasgow skaters on the track to stop her, and a full Stockholm pack to help her out. But she could only get 4 before Lawless broke out of the box and straight through the pack to force a call.

McMillan then forced Maloony into a 0-0 call despite Stockholm maintaining that 4-2 pack advantage. Firebird Steel then laid a huge hit on Rogue Runner with the packs even to finally extend the Swedes’ advantage a little; they led 38-12 with 13:30 left in the period.

A 20-0 for McMillan over a boxed Ryssfemma was followed by a 13-0 for Hyndman when Ryssfemma was boxed again to give Glasgow a 45-38 lead. An official time-out followed when the officiating crew noticed that after Glasgow had emptied their penalty box they had six skaters on the track.

Menzies and Mistress Malicious combined to hold Ryssfemma as she came out of the box and frustrated her into a star pass to Kix DeVille–but Kix was then boxed before completing a pass of her own, and Rogue Runner made it 78-38 with a 33-0 jam.

Glasgow’s scoring run ended up at 73-4 before Stockholm got points on the board in the penultimate jam of the half; the last jam of the half finished 0-0, leaving the Irn Bruisers with an 85-46 half time lead.

Marshal Lawless picked up a major cut in a battle with Swede Hurt in the second half’s opening jam, though, which let Stockholm’s other Crime City transfer Mad Maloony put up a 24-0 and make it a 12-point game.

Swede Hurt and Firebird Steel combined two jams later to control Rogue Runner for 90 seconds as Maloony put up another eight to narrow the gap further. McMillan stopped the momentum swing with a 7-0 jam over Winehouse, though, combining with Chemikill Hazard at the front of the pack to see Winehouse re-absorbed and get a second scoring pass in.

Juana La Loca made it a two-point game as Rogue Runner tangled with Ryssfemma in the Stockholm pack, before Maloony took the lead for Stockholm as she took advantage of a major cut right off the line by Glasgow’s McMillan to make it 105-93 with ten minutes gone in the period. McMillan was penalised immediately after being released, but went down hurt during the incident, meaning Rogue Runner started the next jam in the box.

Hateball, Mistress Malicious and Menzies combined to stop a bad situation for Glasgow turning into a catastrophic one–but by the time they next had a jammer on the track they found themselves down 22 points, 117-93.

Juana made it 121-93 before an 8-8 two-minuter pushed Glasgow over the century mark. McMillan was the villain again in the very next jam when she was boxed on a misconduct call and Ryssfemma made it 145-104.

Stockholm’s lead only got larger from there as they dominated lead calls and Glasgow continued to keep the penalty box officials busy while all of the Stockholm jammers filled their skates.

Glasgow did get lead in the penultimate jam of the bout–but Rogue Runner wasn’t able to make any sort of dent in the Stockholm lead as she called it with Stockholm leading 201-116 and two seconds on the clock. A final Glasgow timeout forced a final jam, and Rogue Runner got lead over Mad Maloony to give the vocal Glasgow supporters something to cheer about. She put up an 18-4 jam as Stockholm saw the game out for the first bout to go with seeding all day, 205-134.

Stockholm book their place in the semis alongside Auld Reekie; they will play the winner of Berlin and Gent tomorrow.

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