Track Queens Semifinal: London Dismisses Auld Reekie, 475-28


BERLIN, GERMANY–The first semifinal of Track Queens: Battle Royal was the third bout of the second day, and saw a rematch of the most lopsided bout in WFTDA history–London’s 667-18 demolition of Auld Reekie earlier in 2012. While the result was never in doubt, it was clear from the very first jam it wasn’t going to be as much of a blowout this time around. And so it came to pass–Auld Reekie surpassed their prior total by 10 and cut almost 200 off London’s previous score; it finished 475-28 to London.

London were 112-0 up when Admiral Attackbar made the most of a 4-2 pack advantage to get Auld Reekie’s first lead call of the bout after 14 minutes, and she called it at 4-0 with Rogue Runner on her tail to make it 112-4.

It was 182-4 when Auld Reekie burnt their first time-out with nine minutes left in the half after conceding consecutive powerjams–but a third powerjam in a row let Kamikaze Kitten continue the run with a third consecutive 30-plus point jam for London to make it 217-4.

But Mo B Quick arrested that run with a lead call over Flamin’ Aggro when presented with a micro-pack–but she lost the jam 4-0 after a last-gasp pass from Aggro made it 221-4. Another micropack gave Auld Reekie their second lead call in a row next time out–but she was forced into a 0-0 call when Rogue Runner forced her back into the pack.

A 2-1 pack advantage for Auld Reekie meant Lilo & Stiches had a chance to make it three from three for Auld Reekie, but Knickerblocker Glory had other ideas–she got lead and nine points. Rogue Runner and Flamin’ Aggro completed the half, leaving London with a 285-4 lead.

In jam two of the second half Flamin’ Aggro looked to burn penalty time and let Admiral Attackbar have four to make it 298-8. Grievous Bodily Charm pushed London past 350 as Admiral Attackbar came within inches of taking Auld Reekie into double figures.

In the next jam Auld Reekie were handed an opportunity to actually make it into double figures when Flamin’ Aggro picked up a major cut to join Olivia Coupe in the box.

Admiral Attackbar then put up five as London almost successfully killed the penalty despite letting her through for lead within seconds of the jam start, leaving Auld Reekie 371-13 in front.

The Dalai Harmer pushed London over 400, but in the next jam a forearm major on Shaolynn Scarlett let Auld Reekie’s Mo B Quick line up unopposed–and she got four on the powerjam to make it 405-17 with under nine minutes on the clock.

Three more for Admiral Attackbar in the next jam made it 409-20 against a light London pack. Shaolynn Scarlett called it with 32 seconds left on the scoreboard with London 460-20 in front and a 4-1 pack advantage–but a time correction from the officiating crew looked to have ended the bout before a second correction started the last jam with three seconds left.

Rogue Runner and Admiral Attackbar gave the crowd the final jam they were loudly demanding–and shared a 15-8 to leave London 475-28 winners.

London progress to the final at 8 p.m. tomorrow against the winner of Stockholm and Berlin; Auld Reekie go on to the third-place game against the loser of the same bout at 6 p.m.

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