Track Queens: London Finishes Helsinki, 584-37


BERLIN, GERMANY–Tournament favourites and DNN #11 London Rollergirls took on Helsinki in the penultimate bout of the first day of Track Queens: Battle Royal. They were never in danger of being victims of the day’s fourth seeding upset against ninth-seed Helsinki, and delivered a 584-37 blowout despite giving habitual jammer Kamikaze Kitten a break from jamming for the entire second period.

London were 62-0 up when Flamin’ Aggro backblocked her way to the box and Tiina Kimari put five points on the board for the Finns, with eight minutes gone.

Heli Runtelli put nine more on the board after lining up unopposed in the next jam to make it 69-14. Helsinki picked up two more points three jams later as they exploited some London pack penalties. The London lead was 154-16 when Rogue Runner cut her way to the box with nine minutes left in the period.

Gale Force lined up unopposed to put up four for Helsinki as the London pack controlled her for the duration of Rogue Runner’s penalty, and made it 154-20 with 6:54 left in the half.

90 London points later Knickerblocker Glory backblocked her way to the box in the final jam of the half in her first turn with the star to let Heli Runteli put up five before she was boxed herself; that let Glory put up 19 of her own to leave London with a 261-28 half-time lead.

London had only put nine points up in the second period when Flamin Aggro made a mess of an apex jump to give Helsinki a powerjam–but London held Leeloo Dallas for the entirety of Aggro’s penalty to hold the Finns at 28 points.

A star pass in the midst of a thirty point jam for Rogue runner let the Finns steal four as Rogue Runner pushed the Londoners past 300 with seven minutes gone in the second half.

London were leading 388-32 midway through the second period when Nina Erwes picked up Helsinki’s first non-powerjam lead call–but she was boxed on her scoring pass, letting Flamin’ Aggro push London over the 400 mark before her points went up the board to make it 412-36 with 13:24 to go.

That lead was 474-36 when Linda Vidjeskog got lead over the Dalai Harmer, and she added another point to Helsinki’s total with 6:30 left. Rogue Runner pushed London over 500 in the next jam. Next jam out Stefanie Mainey took a rare turn with the star to make the lead 500 with a little under two minutes left.

A 19-0 for Flamin Aggro could have closed the bout at 557-37, but a time-out from Helsinki with seconds left gave Mainey another jam–and she brought proceedings to a close with a 27-0 to make it 584-37.

London progress to a semifinal against Auld Reekie tomorrow; Helsinki drop into the consolation bracket.

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