Track Queens Final: London Decimates Berlin, 448-47


BERLIN, GERMANY — Despite following a tournament full of ranking upsets, it fell to the top two seeds to battle it out at the end of Track Queens: Battle Royal. Almost inevitably it was the London Rollergirls who came out as champions–and the 448-47 win for London Brawling over the Berlin Bombshells gave the Londoners their first trophy for two and a half years.

Rogue Runner and Master Blaster took the line–and with two quick passes to the outside after a scrum start, Rogue made it 4-0 to London inside the first minute of action.

Kamikaze Kitten made it 14-0 as Raw Heidi repeatedly recycled Resident Shevil. A 4-0 for Flamin’ Aggro made it 18-0 as Stefanie Mainey and Olivia Coupe held Master Blaster despite a big hit forom Berlin’s Elfi Kugelblitz.

That jammer rotation kept the London score ticking up and held Berlin at zero for eight minutes picked up 3 in a 5-3 loss to Rogue Runner as London’s blockers filled the box to make it 45-3.

3 more for Shevil exploited the London pack’s continuing penalty problems to make it 54-6 after 12 minutes. An official time-out after that jam handed Berlin a powerjam as Rogue Runner was boxed for contact after the whistles.

Master Blaster pushed past The Dalai Harmer and Raw Heidi to make it 54-21 with a 15-0 jam. Frightning Bolt, Grievous Bodily Charm and Shaolynn Scarlett stopped Shevil getting lead with Rogue standing in the box and then held her for the full two minutes, allowing Rogue to put up 30 and make amends for her box trip.

The London lead was 153-21 when Master Blaster got lead and got three throwing herself into the apex with Kamikaze Kitten right on her tail. Master Blaster put up two more points two jams later, but after a big jam for Kamim Aggro closed the half out with a 39-0 to give London a 211-26 lead at the half.

Ten points into the second half for London and Apocalypse Meow stole four points on a Rogue Runner lead as the London jammer frantically signalled for a call-off struggling on her second scoring pass to make it 218-30.

Three jammer penalties in a row for Meow forced her into a star pass to Master Blaster who put up four to end a torrid run for Berlin that saw London race into a 329-34 lead with a little over ten minutes gone in the second half as London stuck with their first half jammer rotation for the first time this tournament.

Paulina Pocket put up four in her first jam of the game next time out as Rogue Runner tried to clear the box for London, but London’s jamming trio of Kami, Aggro and Rogue continued to punish Berlin despite Heavy Rotation, Catherine Beat-Her-Bonez and Foxy Fuhrer doing yeoman’s work in the Berlin packs.

It was 396-38 when Blaster put up a 4-1 over Rogue. Olivia Coupe fouled out for London with seven minutes left, and Blaster put up one for Berlin in the very next jam to make it 403-43.

A 4-2 for Blaster pushed Berlin closer to 50 as the clock ticked down. A final time-out with seconds on the clock saw streakers briefly interrupt play before Flamin’ Aggro closed the bout out to leave London Brawling champions with a 448-47 win over Bear City Roller Derby’s Berlin Bombshells.

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