Track Queens Consolation: Leeds Punishes Central City, 180-105


BERLIN, GERMANY–Day two of Track Queens: Battle Royal saw two of the tournament’s English teams face off in the consolation bracket in an attempt to avoid the wooden spoon bout. While fourth seed Central City Rollergirls were widely expected to come out on top against eight-ranked Leeds Roller Derby after comfortably beating the Leeds team by 118 in October, it was the Leeds’ Rebel Roses who skated out comfortable 180-105 winners. They held a comfortable 93-59 lead at the half, then held CCR scoreless for the majority of the second half to make the bout safe as an injury and penalties catastrophically shortened Central City’s jammer rotation.

A back-and-forth first ten minutes saw Leeds edge slightly in front as the teams eyed each other up, but it was with ten minutes gone that Iola Rolla blew it wide open.

She took advantage of a major cut on Viv Lafrance to push Leeds into a 32-7 lead with a 20-0 jam. Ripunzel hit the box with the star next time out for Leeds, but Lethal Sizzle only put up ten in reply during the powerjam thanks to the unwavering attentions of Cecee and Fran Grenade in the Leeds packs as they managed to keep the CCR defenders moving forward while keeping Sizzle bottled up.

The Leeds defence didn’t have as much success against Agent Dana Scurry in the very next jam, though, when Magic 8 Brawl hit the box for Leeds within seconds of the jam starting. Scurry managed to push Central City into a 37-33 lead with half the first period gone.

Billie Whizz was frustrated by Bruise ‘em Banshee and Lexi Lightspeed at the front of the pack, and eventually her frustration came out in the form of a major forearm penalty with Feral Fairy already scoring. Feral made it 50-37 before getting a blocking out of bounds major of her own at the death.

Viv La France used up the penalty time to make it 50-42, but Fuzzin’ Boots forced her into a major cut on the apex of turn two just as Feral was released. 20 Feral points later–many of which thanks to some classic hitting offence from Banshee–Viv was released, but wasn’t able to add to the four she’d picked up on the pass that saw her boxed.

Leeds extended their lead over the next few jams as first Skatewell Tart and Lexi combined to hold onto Germaine Leer, then Billie Whizz was frustrated into the box by a two-woman Leeds pack of Cecee and Fran Grenade to make the lead 33.

With under two minutes left in the half Central City’s Lethal Sizzle went down hurt with an apparent ankle injury that ended her participation in the game. A 1-0 for Billie Whizz followed before Fuzzin Boots closed out the half lapping up points as Magic 8 Brawl and Shere Carnage held onto Scurry to give Leeds a 93-59 half-time lead.

In the opening jam of the second half Iola Rolla set Banshee up perfectly to level Whizz on turn one–but Iola only put up five as she’d failed to get lead jammer status and Whizz escaped just before Iola started her second scoring pass.

Three jams later Iola Roller was out again with a 4-2 pack advantage and no Central City jammer to trouble her after Ghouldielocks was deemed to have commited a low block major calling off the previous jam during a lengthy official time-out. Iola put up a 15-0 before calling it with Ghouldilocks standing.

When Ghouldielocks emerged from the box it became five-on-five on the track–but Feral and Banshee formed a potent hold-and-hit combination to let Leeds nab lead and the points to make it 116-59.

Scurry cut her way to the box in the next jam to allow Fuzzin’ Boots a powerjam; she rode and spun through big hits from Tenacity and Viv Lafrance in a full CCR pack for a 15-0 of her own.

Leeds continued to push in front and hold CCR scoreless as the injury to Sizzle and serious penalty problems for yesterday’s 40-0 powerjam heroine Viv Lafrance forced Central City into keeping an exceptionally short jammer rotation. Scurry in particular was pressed into double and occasionally treble duty as Leeds put the Birmingham team to the sword with clinical hit-and-quit 4-0 jams.

With 12 minutes left in the bout Magic 8 Brawl was boxed on a forearm major with the star for Leeds and Scurry put up Central City’s first points of the half with a 19-0.

Germaine Leer put up a few more for Central City two jams later against a 2-woman Leeds pack, but a comeback never really looked to be on the cards as Leeds continued to dominate lead calls and the increasingly tired Central City jammers.

A low block on Iola Rolla during a rare Viv second-half jam put Central City over the century mark–but the deficit was still 63 with six minutes left. Two minors picked up in the course of that jam also left Viv two minors away from fouling out.

Jammer musical chairs between Ripunzel and Ghouldielocks in the next jam worked in Leeds’ favour as it burnt off clock time without making a huge amount of difference to the margin as both jammers hit the box twice.

The next jam started jammerless after the jammer penalty chaos of the previous jam, with Leeds holding a 163-105 lead with a little over three minutes left in the bout, and Ghouldielocks wearing the star, sat in the box, and one minor away from fouling out.

Leeds finished the bout off as they had played most of the second half–two quick lead calls and a handful of points in both of the last two jams were more than enough to see them finish comfortable 180-105 winners.

Leeds progress to the second round of the consolation bracket with a bout against Helsinki at 6 p.m. tonight; Central City will play to avoid a last-place finish first thing tomorrow morning.

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