Track Queens Consolation: Helsinki Pummels Leeds, 233-94


BERLIN, GERMANY — In a hard-hitting and fast-moving bout, a physical Helsinki team ran all over Leeds, opening up a 90-point lead in the first 15 minutes of the game. Leeds were able to hold that lead consistent through most of the rest of the game, but it got away from them late in the second; at the final whistle, Helsinki had secured a 233-94 victory and a place in tomorrow’s fifth-place bout.

Leeds picked up the first lead jammer call and points of the bout, but four minutes in, Helsinki had opened up a 10-point lead, 11-1. They had the opportunity to further stretch that lead when Iola Rolla landed in the penalty box, handing Heli Runteli Helsinki’s third lead jammer call and a power jam to put up a 20-0.

In the next jam, Tiina Kimari had an easy scoring run for multiple grand slams over Feral Fairy, who never escaped the pack; at the end of the next jam, 9 minutes of game play had elapsed and Helsinki had held Leeds scoreless since the start of the game while racking up 60 points of their own.

After another jam and a quick official time-out, Tiina Kimari went out to jam against Feral Fairy; with just 30 feet separating the two jammers, Kimari called it off as the two skaters hit the pack. Feral Fairy pirouetted past three Helsinki blockers on the inside line as the jam was called, putting up Leeds first points in ten minutes to leave the score at Leeds 4, Helsinki 65, with 19 minutes to play.

In the very next jam, R.I.Punzal picked up lead jammer status for Leeds – again, their first since the first jam – but was forced to call for 0-0. The next two jams were also a wash and at their conclusion, Helsinki called their first team time-out to stop the clock at 16.41.

The next jam started with a bang: Helsinki jammer Gale Force nailed R.I.Punzal into the outfield right off the second whistle – and then R.I.Punzal landed in the penalty box as she worked on her initial pass. She was joined by two of her own blockers. Gale Force extended Helsinki’s lead to 95-4 in that power jam with 14.15 left to play.

Leeds then went on a small scoring run, adding eight points over two jams while holding Helsinki scoreless. Facing penalty trouble with two key players seated in the box, they called their first team time-out. In the next jam, a 4-2 pack advantage let Tiina Kimari grab a quick lead jammer call as R.I.Punzal struggled behind a three-wall of green and yellow. That put Helsinki over the century mark with 11 minutes left in the first period, holding a 110-12 lead.

The same 4-2 pack configuration didn’t faze Iola Rolla – she zipped through the Helsinki wall to pick up lead jammer status while her two blockers held the opposing jammer; she was able to add two points for Leeds in that jam.

With eight minutes left to play in the period, Leeds jammer Magic 8-Brawl cut her way to the penalty box, handing Tiina Kimari another power jam – albeit against a rare 4-4 pack. At its conclusion, Helsinki held a 126-14 lead with 6.30 to play.

After that, though, Leeds seemed to gain some much-needed momentum. Powerful blocking from Leeds kept Gale Force stifled in the pack as Fuzzin Boots ran for a natural grand slam – but called off the jam from the floor after picking up a single point in her next pass. Bruisin’ Banshee backed that up with another natural grand slam for Leeds over Fisherman’s Fiend – that brought the score to Leeds 25, Helsinki 126.

Iola Rolla added another 4-0; in the next jam, though, Leeds were at a 4-2 pack disadvantage and couldn’t hold back Heli Runteli. She put up 4 for Helsinki; with a minute left on the period clock, Helsinki held a 130-29 lead. Bruisin’ Banshee was able to send Leeds to the locker room on a positive note, though; skipping past a Helsinki two-wall on the inside line, she added 4 for Leeds and called the jam with less than 30 seconds remaining on the period clock. At the half, Helsinki led 130-33.

When play resumed, Iola Rolla put up a natural 20-0 as Cecee and Hydra Electric locked down on Tiina Kimari – and added another 9-0 after Kimari passed the star to Iiris Suominen. That left the score at 130 Helsinki, 62 Leeds. It went 4-0 Helsinki in the next jam; following that, Banshee went out to jam against Fiend and picked up lead jammer status. With about 20 feet of breathing space, she opted for jammer defence as the pack raced; that jam went 4-0 for Leeds, leaving the score at 66-134 in Helsinki’s favour with 25 minutes left to play.

Helsinki called their second team time-out with 22 minutes remaining on the period clock, as Leeds continued to chip away at their lead. After a 4-0 for Iola Rolla over Heli Runteli in the next jam, the score stood at 76 Leeds, 134 Helsinki.

The next three jams went in Helsinki’s favour before Leeds called their second time-out to stop the clock with just under 17 minutes remaining to play; Helsinki led 149-76. A 4-2 pack advantage let Fisherman’s Fiend pick up a quick lead call and four more points; the same pack configuration in the next jam saw Runteli put up 14-0 to stretch Helsinki’s lead back to 90 points, 166-76.

The next five minutes saw the teams trading low-scoring jams. An official time-out stopped the clock with 9.14 to play and Helsinki holding a 173-84 lead – Helsinki had called their official review to push for R.I.Punzal’s ejection, following a low block major at the conclusion of the jam. The major penalty stood, leaving Runteli jamming unopposed in the next jam. She’d put up 15 points before R.I.Punzal returned to the track; at the end of the jam, she’d stretched Helsinki’s lead to 195-84 with 7.25 to play.

The next jam saw Helsinki break the double-century; following that, though, Iola Rolla picked up lead jammer status – but was unable to shut out the Helsinki jammer, who scooted through at the last second.

With less than three minutes left to play, Helsinki led 209-90; Leeds were picking up lead jammer status fairly regularly, but were unable to convert that to points against Helsinki’s robust defence. Helsinki were able to close out the game solidly as Iola Rolla landed in the penalty box for Leeds; she was joined by a rotating cast of her blocker teammates as Gale Force went on a big scoring run. At the final whistle, Helsinki had picked up a 233-94 victory. They’ll go on to the 5th-place bout tomorrow, facing the winner of the upcoming Gent / Crime City bout; Leeds will play for 7th against the loser of the next game.

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