Track Queens Consolation: Gent Fends Off Crime City, 234-135


BERLIN, GERMANY — Crime City opened up an early lead, but the game turned on two consecutive power jams for Gent halfway through the first period. They’d been held scoreless for the first several minutes, but opened up a 40 point lead with 17 minutes left in the first period; they never looked back en route to a 234-135 win.

Olga Volt headed to the penalty box with the Gent jammer star, handing Crime City’s Curlie Håår a power jam; at its conclusion, Crime City held a 31-0 lead with 26.50 on the clock.

Shortly thereafter, Gent picked up a needed lead-jammer call and their first points of the game; Pussy Pit put up 4-0 to bring the score to 35-4 in Gent’s favour. Olga Volt backed that up with a second lead jammer call but with the Crime City jammer hot on her heels, she called for 0-0 with 23 minutes to play in the period.

The momentum didn’t last long, though, as Crime City picked up a power jam to stretch their lead to 60-7. Two jams later, it was Gent’s turn for a power jam after a major cut on Fenix; Pussy Pit added 19 before calling off the jam. With just over 17 minutes to play, Crime City called a team time-out with the score standing at 64-26 in their favour.

Olga Volt added 4 more for Gent in the next jam; Dame Edna Haemorrhage then jammed against Curlie Håår, picking up lead jammer status but forced to call for 0-0. Another power jam for Gent was a big opportunity – Fenix landed in the penalty box and Guts and Glory brought the score to 64-49 in Crime City’s favour.

Crime City were set up to skate short in the next jam after a two-minute penalty was assessed on a blocker; insult was added to injury when their jammer, Ankefar, landed in the penalty box for a high block on her initial pass. This let Martacus take the lead for Gent – she called off the jam as Ankefar returned to the track, with Gent holding a 78-64 lead and 11 minutes on the clock.

Gent continued to build that lead with a string of low-scoring jams; an official time-out then stopped the clock with 9.14 to play and Gent leading 82-64. When play resumed, Crime City had an opportunity to come back – Ankefar had a power jam over a boxed Pussy Pit. She faced a 4-2 pack disadvantage but was able to bring the game to an 84-all tie in a two-minute jam.

After a 0-0 jam, Fenix picked up a major cut, handing Gent another power jam. Olga Volt added a fairly conservative 15-0 and called the jam with Fenix standing in the penalty box. In the next jam, Fallwafal added 3 to bring the score to 102-84 in Gent’s favour, with three minutes left to play.

The teams traded a couple of quick, low-scoring jams; to close out the half, Ankefar ran for points as Bonnie Clash handled Fallwafal single-handed. At the final whistle of the period, Gent held a far-from-secure 105-97 lead.

When play resumed, Pussy Pit utilised a 4-2 pack advantage to pick up lead jammer status and the first points of the period; Gent still held that pack advantage in the next jam, but Fenix was able to pick up lead jammer status regardless and add points over Olga Volt. With two minutes gone, the score stood at Crime City 98, Gent 113.

Dame Edna picked up lead jammer status for Gent in the next jam; as that lead was called, Crime City’s jammer, Ankefar, joined two of their blockers in the pack – and another blocker headed there during Dame Edna’s next scoring pass. At the end of the jam, Gent had secured a more than 40 point lead at 142-98.

Gent had another power jam ahead – Curlie Håår committed a forearm major during her initial pass and the jam was quickly called for 0-0. Martacus took the star for Gent then, jamming unopposed and facing a single Crime City blocker in Tjatet. At the end of the jam, Gent led 162-98 – but the penalty trouble looked set to swing their way, with a large proportion of the team sitting on three minors.

A big hit from Alotta Riot held Pussy Pit back and let Ankefar pick up lead jammer status for Crime City – she added 4 and called it, leaving the score at 162-102 with 22 minutes left to play. Crime City held a 4-2 pack advantage in the next jam and Curlie Håår leapt out to a quick lead jammer call and added another 4-0.

Crime City added another three before a string of 0-0 jams – but with 15 minutes left to play, Ankefar cut her way to the penalty box, handing Dame Edna a power jam for Gent. With the aid of smart offence from Sandra Buttblock, she brought the score to 177-114 in Gent’s favour.

Fenix was able to bring Crime City a little closer with an 8-2 run over Martacus; the next jam went 0-0 as both teams found themselves in penalty trouble, with two blockers apiece on the track. With 10.35 to play, Gent led 179-122.

Gent had a big opportunity shortly thereafter, when Fenix was assessed a major high block during a jammer-on-jammer engagement outside the pack with Martacus. That left Gent holding a 199-127 lead with just over 7 minutes remaining on the clock.

In following jams, Gent looked happy enough to run out the clock – Dame Edna picked up lead jammer status and bided her time before calling off the jam as Curlie Håår approached the pack. In the next jam, though, Double U Jay got stuck on her initial pass as the Crime City jammer ran for points – only to pick up a major penalty and hand Gent another power jam with few Crime City blockers on the track. At its conclusion, Gent held a 219-127 lead.

Crime City were able to pick up lead jammer status in the two of the last three jams of the game, but could only muster single passes and the outcome of the game was never in doubt. Dame Edna closed out the match with a 4-0 jam over Fenix and at the final whistle, Gent had secured a 234-135 win. They’ll go on to face Helsinki for 5th tomorrow; Crime City will go up against Leeds for 7th.

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