Track Queens 9th Place: Glasgow Outlasts Central City, 208-149


BERLIN, GERMANY–Central City and Glasgow were fighting to avoid tenth place in the opening bout of the final day of Track Queens: Battle Royal. A 51-0 opening run gave Glasgow the cushion they needed to absorb a hatful of jammer penalties later in the game and finish 208-149 winners.

Central City did let Glasgow off the hook when the Irn Bruisers failed to field a jammer at a key point in the second half when they saw their own jammer boxed on the first scoring pass of what would have been a two-minute powerjam, but can have no complaints about their tenth-placed finish.

Chemikill Hazard set the tone for the bout as a perfectly timed last-gasp hit on Billie Whizz sent the CCR jammer to the infield and let Rogue Runner in for lead and a quick 4-0.

A powerjam came the Irn Bruisers way in jam two when Viv Lafrance backblocked her way to the box after missing out on lead to Marshall Lawless; thanks some wrecking-ball offense from Very Hungry Splatterkiller she put up a 25-0 before Viv rejoined the fray, and Glasgow had a 29-0 lead with just over three minutes gone.

It was Hazard’s jammer-killing that starred next time out too as Hyndman put up a 7-0 as Hazard held and hit Ghouldilocks for the better part of a minute.

Billie Whizz did at least manage to break Glasgow’s run of lead calls in jam four, but was forced into a scoreless call as McMillan bore down on her.

Glasgow continued to dominate opening exchanges–more than ten minutes and eight jams were gone before CCR got their first points on the board. In the end it was a 3-0 for Viv Lafrance that broke the egg, and made it 51-3 with 19:03 remaining.

In the next jam a forearm major call on Rogue Runner on her first scoring pass robbed her of lead and let Ghouldielocks in for 8–but Hateball and Mistress Malcious frustrated her into the box as Rogue’s penalty was about to expire. Their persistent hitting repeatedly drove her to the outside, and their smart recycling kept forcing her back around the track.

McMillan made it 65-11 before Lawless lapped up points as Hazard took her turn laying the pain on Ghouldielocks before the Central City jammer finally gave up and passed the star to Tenacity. It was 80-11 when Lawless picked up a major cut shortly after Tenacity had completed her initial pass; she managed to put up five before the jam expired.

A technical time-out delayed Central City’s chance to complete the powerjam as the track lighting went out between jams. Almost ten minutes later the window shutters were lifted, and daylight illuminated Viv La France as she put up ten points to make the deficit 60 with 12 minutes to go.

Rogue gave Agent Dana Scurry a powerjam next time out as she attempted to dance down the inside on her toestops off the line–but Scurry was boxed on her first scoring pass trying exactly the same thing around the outside of turn two as Devils Advoskate, Cara Viola and Mazzy Chaos teamed up to frustrate her with some unified powerjam defence.

Rogue and McMillan combined on the powerjam to make that lead 70. A 4-2 between Hyndman and Ghouldilocks provided non powerjam points for CCR for only the second time in the half with seven to go in the period.

Billie Whizz and Viv Lafrance then made it 109-55 across two jams when Lawless picked up a major cut and Glasgow’s pack minors caught up with them to keep their box full.

A cut on Rogue made it three powerjams in three trips out for Glasgow jammers. This time it was Scurry and Whizz who took advantage of Glasgow’s ongoing penalty problems–ably assisted by Ghouldielocks’ offensive blocking on what Glasgow blockers remained–to make it 109-81 with 40 seconds to go in the half.

Viv Lafrance closed out the half for CCR with a 5-0 jam as her pack punished McMillan; that left Glasgow with a narrow 109-86 advantage.

Jam four of the second period saw Hateball, Splatterkiller and Mistress Malicious frustrate Ghouldielocks into another star pass as Hyndman made the lead a much more comfortable 44.

But a quickfire 4-0 from Whizz was followed by a 14-0 from Viv while Scarlet Mcabre sat on Hyndman and a hard-fought 4-0 from Scurry to halve the advantage.

Four Glasgow points later the Irn Bruisers became the second team of the weekend to attempt ritual suicide–they failed to field a jammer in jam 10. But their blushes were saved when Germaine Leer was boxed on her scoring pass having only put up two points and the jam was whistled dead.

Rogue Runner made it 151-110 in the next jam as she lined up unopposed. Leer was boxed on a major cut as she came out in the next jam–but Hyndman had only put four on the board before a major forearm sent her to the box to release Leer. Hazard and Splatterkiller killed the penalty, though–and that two-minuter left Glasgow with a 165-115 lead with 13:42 on the clock.

The lead was 173-115 four jams later when a forearm call on Rogue let Whizz in for five. Ghouldielocks were entrusted with the task of completing the powerjam, but Hateball was again her tormentor–she forced another cut during the first scoring pass and Rogue was released, and she made it 187-124.

Single-digit jams pushed Glasgow to 200 and their lead to levels not seen since their initial run. But with four minutes to go a forearm call on Lawless let Whizz in for a powerjam with only two Glasgow blockers on the track.

A 25-0 made the deficit 51 for CCR. An official time-out followed that saw Hateball removed from the field of play only to return several minutes later.

McMillan got out for lead with under two minutes on the clock in the first jam after the stoppage, and burnt a useful thirty seconds running jammer defence on Viv to maintain Glasgow’s 51-point lead going into the final jam.

With 44 seconds to go Hyndman burst out of the pack to take what should have been the game’s final lead call–but she inexplicably called the jam when out and scoring with four seconds remaining, and the lead 55.

CCR burnt their final time-out to force a final jam, with Verry Cherry taking the star for the Birmingham team for the first time this weekend. Lawless got lead and put up 4 as as Menzies floored Cherry–and Lawless then called it to see her team finish 208-149 winners.

Glasgow finish Track Queens: Battle Royal in ninth place after entering seeded six; Central City finish in tenth after coming in at four.

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