Track Queens 7th Place: Leeds Outruns Crime City, 152-115


BERLIN, GERMANY — Leeds Roller Dolls faced off against Malmo’s Crime City Rollers in the second game of day three of Track Queens in the battle for seventh place. The Rebel Roses went on a 68-4 run at the end of the first half before using the second half to prove that a good offence is indeed the best defence to hold on for a 152-115 win.

A 4-0 for Iola Roller opened Leeds’ account in jam one before Curly Håår backblocked her way to the box to let Bruise ‘em Banshee in for a 15-0.

A 2-0 for Fuzzin’ Boots polished off the powerjam before a 3-2 between Iola and Ankefar put up Crime City’s first points.

A single five-point pass for Ankefar was the only other bright spot for the Swedes in the opening ten minutes as Leeds nickle-and-dimed their way into a 35-7 lead. Things changed at that point when Iola Rolla hit the box and Ankefar put in a supremely disciplined powerjam performance to decimate the Leeds pack and put up a 20-0 jam.

Curly reaped the rewards of that discipline when she got lead and four in the next jam to make it a five-point game against a very light Leeds pack. Leeds nicked three despite losing out on lead after a late call from My Way, leaving them with a 38-31 lead half way through the period.

The next three were a wash before Lexi Lightspeed repeatedly knocked Curly out to make it 57-35 with ten minutes to go in the period.

Three jams later Banshee and Fuzzin Boots took advantage of a low block call on Curly to make it 80-35 in Leeds’ favour. Cecee spent two minutes making My Way’s life deeply unpleasant as Fuzzin Boots put up a 15-0 that was sandwiched between two quick 4-0 jams to close out the half 103-35 in Leeds’ favour.

After a 2-0 for Iola opened the second half Curly put up Crime City’s first points for fifteen minutes to make it 105-39. I Am and Bonnie Clash then did a number of Fuzzin’ Boots to give Ankefar Crime City’s first multiple-pass jam with a Leeds jammer on the track to make it 105-47.

Leeds then ran into serious penalty problems over the next three jams which left them briefly without any blockers at all–but that moment worked in their favour as it left Curly with a pointless pass a high-speed jam that burnt previous penalty seconds.

Leeeds dug themselves out of their penalty hole by keeping pack speeds up for the next few jams without seeing their lead slip too much more. They maintained their advantage and kept the game moving fast for the next fifteen minutes, burning clock and making sure that even when Crime City got lead they busted their jammers out right behind to limit the Swedes’ scoring opportunities.

Crime City searched for a way to counter Leeds’ high-speed, high-offence play but they just could not find a way to make a dominance of lead calls count. Leeds packs also began to display the cohesion that had evaded them in their previous games as the game drew to a close to allow their jammers to steal points as Crime City jammers tried to find holes that weren’t there.

The Leeds lead was 59 when with under three minutes on the clock Banshee was boxed on a fourth minor–but she could only pick up 14 before Banshee caught the Crime City pack napping and burst out of the box for an untouched to force a call.

Curly did get lead for Crime City with 44 seconds remaining–but Fuzzin’ Boots broke out of the pack and a hit from Lexi forced a call with 15 seconds on the clock. A time-out from the Swedes forced a final jam–and JJ Fury had a 37-point deficit to make up as she took to the jam line.

Fury did pick up lead but Leeds’ earlier strategy again came in to effect as they busted Iola Rolla out behind her on every pass as both teams filled the box with blockers. A high-scoring two-minute jam left the scoreboard reading 152-115 at the whistles–and Leeds Roller Dolls’ Rebel Roses took seventh place, consigning Crime City to eighth place.

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