Track Queens 3rd Place: Stockholm Sneaks Past Auld Reekie, 149-139


BERLIN, GERMANY–The penultimate bout of Track Queens: Battle Royal saw Edinburgh’s fifth seed the Auld Reekie Rollergirls take on a three-seeded Stockholm side. In the end it was another bout decided by a last-jam jammer penalty–but after one broke Swedish hearts to let Berlin in for a comeback in last night’s semifinal, this one handed them third place as they came back from a five-point last-jam deficit to win 149-139.

Auld Reekie’s Admiral Attackbar broke the pack first–but could only put up three despite having almost a whole lap on Stockholm’s Mad Maloony.

Auld Reekie’s rear four-wall held Juana La Loca for long enough for Lilo & Stitches to push Stockholm’s front four out of play to claim lead and four points

In jam three Auld Reekie’s Alma Geddon laid a big hit on Maloony to let Mo B Quick make it three from three lead calls for Auld Reekie–but Maloony forced a 0-0 call as she sped towards the back of the pack.

Kix DeVille was responsible for Juana’s first lead call of the game as she sat on Attackbar to give Juana a big enough lead to claim all four points before Attackbar could lap.

An exquisite inside line spin from Polygamy Winehouse gave her lead in jam five; points went to both jammers that time out to leave Stockholm with a 12-11 lead with six minutes gone.

Ciderella starred in the Auld Reekie pack during a tense few minutes that saw Auld Reekie slip before tying it up at 19-19 before Mo B Quick gave the Scots their first grand slam of the game in an 8-0 win over Emma Ryssfemma.

A run of three lead calls for Stockholm saw them add six before Attackbar broke the run and sealed a 4-1 win by skipping over the apex past three Stockholm blockers to make it 31-26.

Auld Reekie managed to eke out their lead with a run of lead calls until Lilo & Stitches put up a 15-0 over Maloony to give the Scots a 53-30 lead with ten minutes left in the half in a jam that saw Maloony levelled by Ciderella.

Two jams later Polygamy Winehouse looked to have got the better of Mo B Quick when she was boxed on a scoring run. Mo made it 67-34 before being boxed on a fourth minor just after Winehouse was released.

Crazylegs, Skinner Alive and Kaos Moss combined to ensure Mad Maloony had to use 25 seconds of that minute just to complete her initial pass and limit her to 10 points on the powerjam. But Maloony put up 10 more as Mo struggled with Swede Hurt, Only and Ryssfemma, and then made it a 33-0 jam after Mo hit the box again for a major cut.

Winehouse finished off the powerjam against a light Auld Reekie pack to take the lead for Stockholm 70-67 with two minutes left in the first period. A 4-0 for Juana made the lead seven points, but Lilo & Stiches made it a five-point game at the half with a 2-0 win to close out the period.

A 3-0 for Maloony was cancelled out by a 4-0 for Attackbar at the start of the second half. In the third jam though Maloony made the lead fourteen as Firebird held Lilo.

The next five jams saw one point added to Stockholm’s lead until the finally put successive scoring jams together for the first time in the period with ten minutes gone; the second saw Maloony make it 99-77.

Winehouse put up a 2-0 to make it three in a row before Auld Reekie used their second time-out of the game to figure out a way to stop the momentum continuing to swing towards the Swedish team.

A five-on-five jam with a pivot line start restarted the action–and despite missing out on lead, a Stockholm call at 0-0 provided some cheer to the Auld Reekie bench. Another 0-0 followed as Stockholm began to look happy to run clock.

Kix DeVille knocked out Attackbar on the home stretch to save a lead call, and Stockholm’s lead edged another couple of points up. But a 4-0 win for Lilo and Stitches next time gave the Scots a much-needed jam win after a pile-up in the pack impeded Winehouse.

That fillip was nothing compared to that given by a high block call on Juana in the next jam, though. That powerjam saw Attackbar put up 15 before calling it with Juana standing and the scoreboard showing a seven-point lead for Stockholm, 103-96 with 12 minutes to go.

Lilo got through for lead and four as Crazylegs held the freshly-released Juana to make it 103-100.

After a 0-0 jam Skinner Alive, Kaos Moss and Ciderella drew a minor cut from Winehouse to send the Stockholm jammer to the box–but a major cut from Lilo reversed matters before the lead could change. Blocking heroics from Crazylegs stopped Winehouse increasing Stockholm’s lead, though, and that two-minute jam left the lead at three.

A high block call on Ryssfemma next jam let Attackbar blast through for a 20-0 jam and give Auld Reekie a 125-108 lead with six minutes to go.

A 3-0 for Stitches made the lead 20, and a 4-0 for Attackbar made it 132-108 with under four minutes left in the bout. Lilo backblocked her way the box to hand the momentum to Stockholm. Winehouse struggled on her first pass and passed the star to Swede Hurt–and Swede cut the deficit to 9 points before Stitches was released. One final pass made it 132-128 in Auld Reekie’s favour before an injury time-out stopped the clock at 1:42 just after the jam ended as medics attended to Firebird.

Attackbar looked to have secured the win for Auld Reekie as she burst through the pack first–but was sent out on a major cut to silence the deafening roar of the Scottish fans. Maloony made it 143-132 before heading to the penalty box herself–but that was the result of a misheard call, and she was waved back onto the track. Attackbar did put up some points after being released, but it wasn’t enough–the bout finished 149-139, with Stockholm taking third place.

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