Tough Loss Against OVRG

On October 20th, the Lansing Mitten Mavens took on the Ohio Valley Roller Girls, a quick 6.5 hour trip
southeast! We loaded up carfuls of derby girls (and their stinky derby gear) and made the trek Saturday
morning to St. Clairsville, OH.

The bout was a ton of fun. We were excited to get one of our newest skaters, Tara-ble Idea, out on the track for a few jams. Lead changes were the theme of both the first and second half, with extremely effective power jams for OVRG keeping them in the game. The Mavens were very successful at getting lead jammer, getting 3 or 4 points, and ending the jam before OVRG got a chance to score. We also were pretty effective at staying out of the box, at least in the first half.

In the end, though, the plague-like illness that has been wracking most, if not all, of the Greater Lansing Area took its toll on the Mavens. We only brought 13 of our fillable 14 person roster, we hacked up a lung or two in our locker room, and we all sniffled our way through the bout. Despite a lot of fight, in the end, penalty minutes caught up to us and our less-than-full packs weren’t healthy enough to hold back some talented OVRG jammers. We lost 162-121, but a 40 point bout in roller derby is only 4 minutes away from a lead change! Excellent work was done by each of the Mavens, but MVP Jammer went to Hurtin’ Season, and MVP Blocker to Mary Pop’Ems!

We’re excited for a rematch against OVRG in March, here at home at Aim High! Come out and watch us, maybe a home crowd will be the changing factor in another close bout!

MVP Jammer- Hurtin Season                                                                                     MVP Blocker- Mary Pop 'Ems












All Photos taken by Amy Roundhouse

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