Tough Cookies vs. Fight Crew


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Little Tokyo Shopping Center, Los Angeles, CA
February 10, 2007

For the 2007 season opener, both the Fight Crew and Tough Cookies were still feeling the bite of injuries sustained in the LA Derby Dolls game against TXRD two weeks earlier. The Tough Cookies’ aggressive veteran jammer and defensive skater Eire Vengeance was sitting on the sidelines while recovering from her thrice broken leg, and Fight Crew current star jammer Jihad is still healing from the gash to her shin.

Due to other team absences, both teams were filled with interning Baby Dolls working their way toward earning their wings, merit badges or night sticks. Before training for the season even began, 2006 top scoring jammer Militia Etheridge departed the Derby Dolls and left the Fight Crew without over a third of their point winning power.

Add rules that toughened penalties and enforcement, and increased players on the field to the more conventional 4 blockers and 1 jammer per team, and this game was impossible to call in advance.

With all the uncertainty, the Fight Crew strafed the Tough Cookies 44-27.

The Fight Crew got off the ground under full power, pitting newcomer Leia Mout jamming against veteran Kammi Kazi to start the Crew off with 3 points.

Within 4 minutes, Baby Doller Gori Spelling widened the Fight Crew’s lead to a numbing 11-0.

Both teams were fighting hard, and were being hit hard by the resurrection of the rule that took a player down for a full elapsed minute for every minor. This was going to be a pattern repeated almost continuously throughout the game.

By the end of the first 12 minute quarter (another game change from 2006, where there were two 20 minute periods), the Fight Crew’s continuous barrage left the Tough Cookies shocked and awed, with the Crew leading 20-3.

But the 5 minute period break gave the Cookies enough time to change their recipe as they rallied their troops and started collecting their merit badges. 4 jams later, Iron Maiven blazed through the Fight Crew “great wall of ‘gina” to bring the Cookies up to 12, while the Crew stood still at 20 points.

The Cookies’ run of luck was about to trip over its own shoe laces. The Tough Cookies’ Venus de Maul’r earned the season’s first penalty ejection, having racked up 5 minutes worth of combined minor and major penalties. They wouldn’t score again until the third quarter, as the Fight Crew refined their flight plan, coordinating their defense and turning on the afterburners to widen their lead to 27-12.

Neither team was giving it up easy though, with 4 zero score jams and 4 single point jams, both teams were fighting with a defense that was more strainer than sluice gate.

The Cookies returned from the second half with an even tighter defense, pounding the Fight Crew to a narrower 10 point lead. Kammi Kazi blew through the pack like a tornado through a trailer park after Gori took out Cookies blocker PITA, who in turn took out the entire pack. Mila dodged and weaved past the Crew blockade while the Cookies tied the Fight Crew jammers in knots.

Renewed during the break before the 4th quarter, the Fight Crew came out swinging when the Crew defense bowled a strike, taking down the entire pack including their own defense to open a path for Leia Mout to score 5 points while Cookie Suzy Snakeyes was left in the tangled pack wreckage.

Then as Gori Spelling snuck past Stabitha to gain lead as Stabby was giving a whip to Kammi Kazi, Kammi flew in front of her, slammed on the brakes and “Johnny Crashed” Spelling hard. Spelling bounced back and was closing on Kammi when she decided to call the jam rather than risk another Fight Crew score.

Fight Crew and Tough Cookies continued to pound each other, but in the last jam, Squirrely’s 3 points was only able to narrow the Crew’s lead to 17 points.

Jammer Stats:

Fight Crew:
Leia Mout 20
Gori Spelling 13
Judy Gloom 8
Leguna Beyatch 3
Total: 44

Tough Cookies:
Iron Maiven 8
Mila Minute 7
Kami 6
Squirrely 5
Suzi 1
Total: 27

Zero point jams: 11
Single point jams: 6

Tough Cookies:

Iron Maiven – Captain
Stabitha – Co-Captain
Lucy BallBreaker
Suzy Snakeyes
Markie D. Sod
Ali Mony
Mila Minute
Squirrely Muldowney
Venus de Maul’r
Titty Titty Bang Bang

Fight Crew:
Pandora Black Box – Captain
Myna Threat – Co-Captain
Leia Mout
Tawdry Tempest
Tara Armov
Dolly Doom
Judy Gloom
Bloody Holly
Trixie Biscuit
Gori Spelling
Leguna Beyatch

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