Tinseltown Showdown: Day 2

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GARDENA, CA: Day 2 of Tinseltown Showdown took place at the Angel City Derby Girls warehouse.  Santa Cruz ended the day with 2 wins, beating Sacred City and Arizona is two close games, while Angel City beat Arizona by a significant margin.

GAME 1: Santa Cruz Steals the Win from Sacred City, 176-174.

The match up between the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells and the Sacred City Sacrificers was a very tight, back and forth battle where both teams cultivated momentum. Santa Cruz took an early lead and gained control of the game, at one point doubling the score of Sacred. Sacred came from behind and reclaimed the lead in the top of the second half.  The Sacrificers maintained their lead until the last jam of the game, when Santa Cruz called an official review with one second left on the clock, extending the game by one jam and stealing the win, 176-174.

At halftime: Santa Cruz led, 89-66.

After a strong start for the Boardwalk Bombshells, a run of blocker penalties thinned their pack, opening the outside and inside lines for the Sacrificers to break through.  The shift in momentum resulted in a lead change in Sacred City’s favor just over halfway through the second half 103, Santa Cruz 101.

With six minutes left in the second half, the Sacred jammer was called for blocking with the head and subsequently received an insubordination for not exiting the track fast enough, leaving Santa Cruz with lead and a one minute power jam.  Santa Cruz was able to make up some lost ground, but Sweet Baby G picked up a back block, which gave a power jam to Sacred City.

Santa Cruz called an official review with just one second left on the period clock to challenge a non-call on a possible low block committed by one of Sacred City’s blockers with the scoreboard sitting in Sacred’s favor, 174-166.

The last jam, Skirt Vonna-gut hit down Ariel-LA-Twister and earned lead off a whip from Shamrock N. Roller.  A Santa Cruz blocker laid a critical hit on Ariel-LA-Twister who went down in turn 2, causing a Bombshell blocker to fall, and was sent to the box on a low block.  Skirt Vonna-gut took full advantage of the power jam and after collecting points, called off the jam with Santa Cruz in the lead and taking the win, 176-174.

GAME 2: Angel City Soars over Arizona, 390-134.

Angel City dominated from the start, holding Arizona scoreless for six jams. Angel City helped their jammers pick up easy points every pass by holding back one or two of Arizona’s blockers. At the half Angel City lead, 179-69, but chaotic and individualistic pack play in the second half loosened ACDG’s control of the game. Both teams played a very physical game which contributed to Arizona’s high penalty count, including Deja Deja Vu fouling out late in the game.

GAME 3: Santa Cruz wins over Arizona, 161-151.

The game went back and forth, with both teams trading lead status, points, and multiple lead changes.  Both teams fought hard, but Santa Cruz’s ability to maintain composure in the face of chaos paid off. Luz Chaos shined for Arizona, as she did throughout the weekend. Ace Wenchura did great offensive work for Santa Cruz, while Shamrock N. Roller was a stalwart blocker.

Arizona got a quick 4 points right away, but Santa Cruz scooped up 6 points for the first lead change of the game.  Arizona tied it up in the next jam, but then Queen Litigious went to the box on a forearm, leaving a power start for Luz Chaos and Arizona regained the lead.

Ace Wenchura helped Santa Cruz take the lead again with an apex jump. Luz Chaos put Arizona back on top by one point, but it was short-lived as Queen Litigious added to Santa Cruz’s score, putting the Bombshells ahead, 18-14. Arizona tied the score in the next jam, then re-took the lead in the following jam, 22-18.  TARAism picked up 5 points, putting the Bombshells back in the lead.

Arizona took the lead back again and extended it, with a little help from power jams in their favor.  Both Luz Chaos and Carbomb-ya used their speed and agility to juke out Shamrock N. Roller, Santa Cruz’s last line of defense.  A few jams later, Shamrock N. Roller got her revenge on Carbomb-ya by escorting her out of bounds while the rest of the Santa Cruz defense dropped back and drew the cut.  Unfortunately for the Tent City Terrors, Carbomb-ya had to make an additional lap around the track before entering the box, adding more time to the penalty.

Santa Cruz took advantage of the extra seconds and closed the gap and only trail by 10 with four minutes left in the first half. Ace Wenchura took the lead by one point for Santa Cruz off of a power start after landing an apex jump. Luz Chaos tied things up for Arizona in the next jam, 45-45.  The teams remained tied at the half, 47-47.

Arizona broke the tie in the first jam, 51-47, but then the next jam went to Santa Cruz who brought the score within 1 point.  Sweet Baby G was sent to the box, but Carbomb-ya followed her, leaving both jammers to battle it out for the remainder of the two minutes. Arizona grew frustrated and passed the star, but their pivot was sent to the box in the last seconds of the jam. With that, Santa Cruz took the lead 69-57. Arizona called an official review to contest the cut call on their pivot turned jammer, but the call stood and the Tent City Terrors lost their review for the half. At this point the Bombshells retained all of their time-outs and their official review.

Santa Cruz took hold of the momentum and extended their lead to 84-68 as Luz Chaos thought she called off the jam—but only touched her hands to her hips once—and the jam continued, allowing TARAism to collect all 5 points. In the next jam, Sweet Baby G capitalized on Arizona’s frustration, which turned into multiple consecutive blocker penalties, bringing the score to 101-72 in Santa Cruz’s favor with eighteen minutes remaining in the game.

Santa Cruz challenged a non-call of a cut on Arizona’s jammer and won, providing Ace Wenchura with a power start but Ace was sent to the box, leaving Deja Deja Vu on a power jam.  Arizona built some momentum and chipped away at Santa Cruz’s lead, but it wasn’t enough as Santa Cruz continued to nickel and dime Arizona. The Tent City Terrors ramped things up in the last five minutes of the game and played aggressive but controlled defense that challenged Santa Cruz’s jammers and created a lead streak for Arizona.

Arizona cut their deficit to 10 points with one minute and 30 seconds remaining in the game. Luz Chaos added points for Arizona cutting the difference to 4 points. In the final jam, Ace Wehchura escaped the pack first, but was not awarded lead due to a no pass no penalty call. Luz Chaos picked up lead but was sent to the box on a cut that allowed Ace Wenchura to rack up points in a physical, chaotic jam that went the full two minutes. Luz returned to the track to pick up points but it was not enough to top Santa Cruz who won 161-151.

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